2 November 2010

The groove is all kinds of in my heart!

Because I am Dee-Lited (see what I did there?) with the H&M and Lanvin collection. I got excited by the IDEA of previous H&M collections - Karl Lagerfeld, Sonia Rykiel, Viktor and Rolf and Stella but, once the previews were out, I was, in the main, disappointed. And don't even talk to me about the Matthew Williamson stuff. That man needs to have a word. Feck me, that was some god awful shite. (sorry, unless you were a tacky middle aged lady hoping to look 'chic' around the pool in the Costa Del Sol in which case it was probably right up your street. The only way it could have been worse was if Julien McDonald was involved). The point is, the designer diffusion collections at H&M haven't always lived up to my expectations.

Now I know bits and bobs of the Lanvin collection have been wafting about t'interweb for a wee while but the proper pictures came out today post press day and, lordy, I'm excited! I only hope it looks as good in real life as it does in the pictures. I think Alber Elbaz is a bit of a lege' anyway and I almost always love something if not lots of things in his collections - it's something to do with his bold colour palettes, out and out glamour and the unabashed use of frills and general poufy bits. Not that I ever thought anything he did was likely to be within my paltry budget! Here are my favourite things from the H&M collection.

Hells yeah I'll take you in red or black or both baby! Lady in red, Back to Black, I'm digging it all. I'm a complete and utter sucker for a nipped waist and full skirt so this dress is whispering screaming my name. I love the sweetheart neck with the discreet sheer decollete and the amazing fullness of the net skirt. Plus, check the gorgeous styling in the pics. I love the red chick - all that curvage and film noir hair. Mwah! I'll wear it all through the festive season and beyond. Hecks, I'll basically wear it anywhere that isn't bed or the gym. Please let it not be too expensive!

I definitely fancy me some asymmetric sunshine yellow action too. I love yellow but it's such a hard colour to wear (aka I'm a bit pale and it makes me look somewhere between a fried egg and a ghost - yeah,  watch that stop me) and, because I don't do bare legs (seriously, I'd scare you), I'd need to try and work it with black opaques and somehow not look like a bumblebee. Or else I can keep it until next Halloween or my next dress up opportunity and go as a tres chic bumblebee. Whichever. Either way, I love it and I reckon it's just long enough to be on the right side of decent when it come to length. Nobody wants to see a lady garden on display. Well, nobody I consort with anyway. And, finally, I can't leave this one without mentioning the almighty ruffle detail. Wiggling whooshing and swooshing it's way across from shoulder to armpit, it turns this dress from cute to va-va-voom!

I also really like the bluey/purple dress here but, to be honest, I'm more interested in a close up of the shoes! I'm thinking there looks like being big fat turquoise velvet bows/trim on them and what's not to love about that?! The dress will never go round my saddle bags but, if you have slim hippage, I reckon you'll look a treat in it. And once again I bow to the superior use of ruffle-age. It's almost better than a Ruffle bar. Yum.

Do you think it's appropriate to pull a J-Lo on everyone's ass and do a series of costume changes at the Christmas party this year so I can get a bunch of these in? We do have a Neil Diamond and Robbie Williams impersonator (we hope it's one guy - one side rhinestone cowboy, one side Kiss-esque 'Let Me Entertain you Robbie'. How awesome would that be?) as well as a cheesy disco, no doubt, so there are plenty of 'scenes' in which to re-enter the event, freshly shod. How glad are you feeling right now that you're not gonna be at our Christmas party? Ah, it's usually fun. Especially if you've got bets on who's going to be this year's inappropriate hook up. 
Up next is this cute little t-shirt dress. There's something a little ridiculous about it - the net and bow neck detail and the bows and studs on the shoes - and I love it! I only hope it's long enough to cover my foof! If so, it's getting snapped up. I think I might pouf the neck right up and work the Pierot look. Oh yes - 80's harlequin-tastic-ness. In seriousness though, the details that make this t-shirt awesome could so easily have made it tacky. I like a bit of tacky though and this works!
Leopard print shoes. Why? Cos it's me, that's why. Actually, I really dislike these shoes! I think they look a bit cheap and naff, I'm not feeling pointy toes (back in fashion or not!), I think the ankle ties look clumpy and unflattering and the crystals on the heels look tres chav. There you have it. I don't like just anything you care to fire leopard print on. Just most things...
 Here's Pierrot if you're none the wiser. Kinda creepy, eh?!


Vintage Vixen said...

I can't understand H&M, I mean some of my friends rave about it but I find the quality of the stuff singularly horrid and the strip lights and dreadful merchandising put me right off.
I wonder if the Lanvin stuff is acrylic with wonky seams or is it better made.
Not liking that tee and those shoes, I'm afraid.xxx

Little Scribbler said...

The quality can definitely be hit and miss but I have some good stuff from there. That's the one question left for me though - will the quality be decent? In the case of some of their previous collabs the answer was no and it really let things down. We'll see.

Agreed on the shoes - awful!

ondine said...

Ha ha, am totally lolling - read your bit about Matthew Williamson, and thought 'there's no way it could be as bad as that bloody Julien McDonald shit, and lo a few words later, find we are in complete agreement!

Little Scribbler said...

Synced like a kitchen basin.