3 November 2010


I'm late all the time. Not for work but just for 'stuff' in general and, even on a morning before work, I'm usually stumbling out the door at the last second grabbing for rings/lunch/a coat/whatever. So it really brings me enormous pleasure to bring you my Halloween look a few days down the line once everyone has already wowed you with theirs. Why change the habit of a lifetime? (Actually I really am trying to improve my timekeeping because I know it's a pain in the bum for anyone on the receiving end of said lateness).

I also get to bring you (with no specified timescale) shoes #33 too (from schuh) which is very exciting:

Look! There they are. Sitting on a pretty pink leather pouf (a wedding gift from Morocco. Not from the entire country - I don't think they know us - from my mum's friend and purchased in Morocco. One thing I really want to do is go haggling in a souk. I secretly suspect I'd be kinda crap at it but I don't care.). Now there's a reason I wore these shoes. When fancy dressing (we'll get down there in a mo'), I like to have something in there that's a bit lateral in the thinking - something there's no obvious reason for but that ties in in a silly way I've made up. I'm just being a smart arse really. So the reason I went for the green shoes and not just black ones (I have these in Black and Pink too. I loved them and was leaving a job and losing my staff discount so it made sense at the time to stock up!). The shoes are my evil pet toads! If I am a witch, then toads might hang out with me. However, they'd have to be evil to avoid being mercilessly flung in a potion along with puppy dogs tails and tears of a small child. So my shoes are a non-literal symbol of evil toads.

They look a wee bit sinister above actually. Here's what's good about them:
They're green - good colour
They're shiny and wipe clean - pretty and practical
They have a pretty bow/button detail thing on the toe. Cutesy
They have polka dot lining - I appreciate this attention to detail. I love a nice lining.
They have a platform - extra height and added comfort.

And the moment you've been waiting for - here's what I wore them with!

 (Amazing) Hat, hair and cape courtesy of my beautiful friend Ali
Dress: H&M (sequined because I am an evil disco witch)
Belt: H&M

And I'm not quite sure what the fork did to me to deserve to be bitten in that fashion. However, when you're an evil disco witch, weird shit goes down.

Final demure shot of the toes of the shoes. They really are pretty aren't they?!


Vintage Vixen said...

What a fabulous colour, I love them! You make a very cute witch. xxx

danniekate said...

love your header pic! great green shoes xx

Little Scribbler said...

Why thank you! x