29 November 2010

Who says you can't wear summer shoes in winter?

Especially when they have a lovely chunky platform the elevates your feet up out of the snow? Well, they did serve this purpose until the snow got really bad - now they probably won't see the light of day again until spring. However, for dinner out at Seadogs in Edinburgh on Saturday night, they did very well, thanks v much. 

So just what is it that allows you to wear peep toe, sling back shoes in winter without fear of catching your death (though judging by pics in the papers of the middle of Newcastle, some people do not have this fear! I used to live there so I know it's not some unsubstantiated rumour. I've never lived anywhere with so many nearly naked people out in all weather!)? The answer my cyber friends is: SOCKS! You know by now that I am loving a frilly sock of late and my black Urban Outfitters pair made shoes # 41 (Red or Dead from schuh), totally wearable in the slightly arctic conditions.

I actually only picked these shoes up recently. And in the schuh sale for 25 quid too. I'd eyed them suspiciously all summer, torn between their slight resemblance to the clog (I don't do clogs - fashion or no fashion) and the fact that they're a sling back, (don't do them generally either. In fact I reckon this is the only sling back-esque shoe I own) and their thick chunky heel, stompy platform and lush tan leather (love these things), but never made the leap. However, when a shoes gets reduced from £75 to £25, the bargain lover in me starts to get excited. And when it's a shoe I was considering anyway, the combination becomes dynamite, explodes and boom, there I am with new shoes in my hands. I mean, really - where's my self control or sense of decorum? Here I am running off in them before anyone can stop me.

Not really. It was so icy out when I wore them, I mainly just slid along trying to look semi graceful and taking comfort from the fact that all the sliding and tensing was probably doing toning wonder for my ass and thighs.

Here I am getting some kinda Chloe on your ass and embracing camel. Ha! Actually I fancied this ASOS dress in black and white and they didn't have any left so I decided to give the nudey colour a whirl and I actually quite like it. Plus, it was fortuitous that it's really rather nice with the shoes and will be cute with my wear-anywhere schuh brogue boots too. Check me considering the items in my wardrobe for a change instead of just buying that things that catch my fancy and go with nothing. That's a lie actually. I did just get it because I liked it. It just so happens that I have things that will go with it. Eek!

shoes: Red or Dead @ schuh, dress: ASOS, cardi: Topshop, belt: H&M, bow: ???
Anyhoo, I am pleased to report that the dress is very comfy, yay! Plus, I've got right into a cheeky wee Peter Pan collar of late. I don't know what it is about them. And, on account of being out for tea, I decided to fire on a wee bow at the front. I tried pinning it a little higher up so there was no nude dress above it but it looked kind of silly, so I settled for it being down a bit. Lovely jubbly.

It's nearly time for me to go. We had (for the first time in the 7 years I've been there) a snow day today - my place of work is completely cut off from the normal world (hence why I'm able to post pre 5pm on a Monday without setting an auto post!) and we were all told not to come in - dramalicious! Hopefully (yes, I did say that), we'll be back tomorrow. However, tonight I have Lush (PT job) staff training in the form of a pub quiz (fun!) so, on account of the fact that I shall be venturing out into the snow soon, I'm off to consider dinner options. Wish me an upright journey there and back! Whee!


Rach said...

Ah see I don't wear socks with sandals because my feet slip around in them in heels. But I'm also the girl who has a bruise on her forehead from running smack into a clothes rack at Forever21 on black friday. Not much of a testament to me gracefulness.

Btw, I really like that blue vintage dress from a few posts ago. Its gorgeous :)

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm green with envy, the shoes and socks are just fabulous together.
A part-timejob with Lush and a pub quiz? Sounds like heaven. xxx
PS watch your step out there.

Missy Vintage said...

love that dress.Peter pan collars are just so beautiful x

Little Scribbler said...

Working at lush is ace vix-everyones so nice and you end up with enough bath stuff to last a lifetime!

Rach-I hope your head is ok! That sounds like something I'd do! And thanks for checking outy old posts! X

Alex said...

Oh my gosh, you work at Lush? Love it!! That must automatically make you an official Lovely Person because I've never met a person who works there who was anything but fantastic.

The dress is gorgeous and as for those shoes, hubba hubba. You are brave to go for peep toes in this weather though!

Vicki said...

hey my dear thanks for mentioning me in your previous post! glad u liked the hair clips! i love wee individual brands that make unique things like this! :) x

Vintage and Cake said...

I'm totally in love with peter pan collars, I have a dress that I'm still working on (I'm covering the collar in sequins)but it's taking forever :/ Yeah socks with shoes all the way that's what I have been doing too :) Loving your dress and shoe combo xx

Pearl Westwood said...

I love socks with shoes it is a great look - but not so great when you get soggy socks ;-)
Good call on the dress and shoes!

Little Scribbler said...

aw, Alex - you so sweeeet! The peep toes were before the awful snow kicked in - wouldn't do it now - it's DMs all the way!

Vintage and cake, I SO want to see your sequin collar dress - in fact I'm off to make SURE I'm following you right now!

soggy socks suck ass...