9 August 2011

Doing a happy dance

I'm not sure why, truth be told, but I look purdy happy and dancey here, right? Maybe it's cause I'm wearing pink leopard print shoes and that shizzle just makes me wanna dance! They're shoes #66 in my challenge to wear ALL of my shoes (ridic sized collection) in a year.

Now, about the challenge. I really must get a wriggle on and see what I've not worn yet because if I don't use it, I lose it! Well, sell it or give it to charity. The things is, over the last year, my shoe collection has changed a lot. Part way through the year, I realised there were some pairs I was never going to wear so I just got rid of them. I've bought goodness knows how many extra pairs (it's a habit). There have also been a few 'deaths' in the shoe collection. It's certainly been an interesting year in the shoe-drobe. Anyway, I shall endeavour to pull out some kind of summary in the very close future in preparation for it all coming to an end!

Here are this post's shoes in slightly closer up glory. If you look closely at the toe next to my big toe on my left foot, you can just about make out the plaster I have airbrushed off. I also airbrushed some nasty cuts on my right foot - I'm not that vain but I didn't want to subject you to the yuk of it! These pics are in fact ones I took ages ago and, if I remember correctly, my feet took a beating in my first flip-flop outing of the year. Much rubbing happened and, voila, the skin was gone! Bloody flip flops - so weird how you can have pairs you wear all the time and they're grand then one day, a much loved and worn pair just takes the skin off ya! Ouch!

Shoes: Primark - about £4
One thing that hasn't injured me (but has dyed my finger bright green - cheap metal) is my awesome owl ring, which you can nearly make out in the outfit shot - here he is in all his awesome glory. I friggin' love this ring!

Have a lovely Tuesday evening!


Abbie said...

Love the shoes... pink leopard print is where it's at :D

Alex said...

The owl is quite ridiculously cute. I keep hearing that Primark rings turn people's skin green but they're fine with me. Do I have bizarre green-repellent skin?

Please may I? said...

Very cute shoes!

X x

Vix said...

Yep, why is it that you can wear a pair of shoes for ages but suddenly they turn on you and ruin your feet?
Cheapo jewellery only turns my skin green during my period, odd. x

Sophie - Country girl said...

lovely owl ring! My feet are always in danger of being shredded and they take ages to recover :s

Laura said...

I like your shoes a lot!

sacramento said...

So glad to be back to visit your blog. Sorry about your injuries. Love the ring.