3 August 2011

The bargain boots come out to play!

The bargain boots of a coupla posts ago (£20 down from £215 in Urban Outfitters - I never get fed up saying it), came out with me to see Harry Potter last week. They were very excited. Especially as I had a coupon thing for the posh seats at an Edinburgh cinema and you get a big squishy leather couch and foot stools! Amazing! So comfy, I actually took the boots off for the film.

Shirt and dress: H&M, boots: Urban Outfitters, Hairband: San Francisco (yup, I bought it from the WHOLE city), necklace: Lady Luck Rules OK.
In spite of how it appears, I'm not actually asleep. Although it was a late one the night before after hours of sunshine drinking so I was very sleepy. However, I stayed awake all the way through Haz-Po (as I see Heat Magazine are calling Harry Potter. Don't judge me - sometimes I treat myself to Heat when I'm travelling.) and I enjoyed it very much, though it was less emotionally wrenching than the previous film. It was also better than Bridesmaids which I saw last week too - has anyone else seen it and can't figure out what the fuss is about? They drop the 'c' bomb and some chick shits in the road so all of a sudden it isn't a cliched chick flick? At this point I'd like to say that I usually LOVE a cliched chick flick but this just didn't do it for me.
Back to the boots, pair number 65 in the shoe wearing challenge, which have since been to work with me too so they're down to a tenner a wear so far. Not too shabby. Sometimes cost per wear really does make sense. For example, I have a Warehouse leopard cardi that cost about £45 - waaaay more than I'd normally pay for a cardigan but I loved it so much I treated myself and it's now so worn it's getting tatty and has holey armpits but, lordy, have I had good cost per wear usage so far! Anyway, I feel these boots are definitely going to work out to be a winner in the fash maths stakes!

That's all for this evening folks!


Faff said...

Agree about Bridesmaids, I mean I liked it but wasn't as in lve as everyone else - and yeah toilet humour is something I could live without! Heart these boots, bargain of the decade for sure! :)

Sophie - Country girl said...

those boots were such a steal and they're looking fab as part of your look. Your cinema seats sound pretty amazing!

Please may I? said...

Oh my lord, I thought it was just me that did cost per ware!

X x

Alex said...

Llara, you are looking super slinky in this pic! I still want to steal that dress.

Bridesmaids just did not appeal to me at all. I don't cope well with comedies that make me cringe and I'm pretty sure it would do exactly that.

I went to see Beginners tonight (with inappropriately short & wrinkly dress on) and really liked it. Obviously my taste runs more towards indie, thoughtful films than the big Hollywood ones at the moment.

Misfits Vintage said...

LOVE the rainbow stripes and the boots are fab! I do calculate a rough cost per wear for anything I've bought retail - my op shopped stuff prob is at a few cents per wear! Did I mention how you yuo are in the rainbow stripes Llara??

Sarah xxx