31 July 2011

Ego and Greed

I have been browsing Solestruck (awesome shoe website) again. Don't worry - my bank card is safely squirrelled away in my wallet and I am NOT buying. No, I am not. Through Solestruck I have discovered some amazing shoes and brands (Jeffrey Campbell, Senso) that I might otherwise not be aware of. Which may actually have left the aforementioned bank card less afraid of melting through potential over use. Thankfully, the prices are usually more than I can afford so I generally can't go splashing out. That said, they're also in the 'occasional treat if I save' arena. And, after a couple of recent emails, I've been compelled to check out a new (to me!) brand - Ego and Greed. It's a wedge-tastic collection with fierce platforms, neon brights and random prints. Google them if you have a mo' - their website's weird as fuck. Sorry - no politer way (for me at least) to out it.

In the meantime, here are some of their shoes that I love. And to think that I never used to wear wedges...

I don't know what kind of apples these are but there's no question they're apples. I've gone all posh lately and started eating those fancy pink lady apples. They're friggin' good. As I'm a through and through skinflint Scot, I only buy them on offer.

Miaow! Or miu even, as these babies are very Miu-miu circa last year. I'm all over these.
 A glorious little oxford with a pretty girlie twist. Flat, comfy, flowery and demonstrating a move away from onr-trick-pony territory. Good move.

Bazing! Kapow! And in yo' FACE! They come in a bunch of other equally neon-tastic colours. If you like highlighter pens, these are for you.

See, now, I just simply enjoy these. Neon bright against a neutral - it just works. If I was forced to choose one pair, it may be these. Hmm...


Alex said...

Ooh that's ok then, all the more cat shoes for me! Or, having checked the price, perhaps not! Ouch.

Helga! said...

Bloody hell,how awesome! The apples,the cats and the apple green are rockin' it for me!! Droolworthy,even!
I'm no Scot,but I'm also a skinflint,lovey-hurrah!

Marlein said...

Oh Solestruck, how I adore that site. I'm such a Jeffrey Campbell fan! Today I got a pair in, after about a year of not buying any of his shoes because I can't really afford them and I HATE the stupid bloody customs charges (I'm in The Netherlands). If I didn't have to pay those extra costs I would order more, but it's about half of what the shoes are! It's f-ing ridiculous!!!!

But...rant over....I am SO. IN. LOVE. WITH. MY. NEW. SHOES! I treated myself because I had worked really hard @ uni this year. I got these:


Look even beter in real life!!! Adore JC <3

I hadn't seen this brand before, I love those cat shoes! I'll go check them out now! :)

Please may I? said...

Wow! Adoring the last pair. (they appeal to my love of green)

A little too pricey for me mind! (A lot to be fair!)

X x

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Marlein those JCs are awesome! Couldn't agree more on customs though - what a friggin nightmare. It worked out this time at about a third again of the total price. Mental! I'm going to go JC hunting on eBay!

Misfits Vintage said...

AAAACCCGGGHHHHHH!!!! The cats! The neon green!!!

Ooh, now I see neon green glitter wedge boots on the horizon...

Sarah xxx

Pink Haired Princess said...

I saw those cat ones and loved them. Pink lady apples are the shizzle, they are very dear though (Mum often refuses to buy them for me with her weekly shop-how rude) but unfortunately the only apple I like-they actually taste of something rather than just hardness which is how I feel about all other apples!!