10 July 2011

Yes, it's another pair of leopard print shoes.

It's like Pringles say: once you pop, you can't stop. Or in the case or leopard print, maybe 'once you spot, you can't stop'. Which in many ways is actually better than Pringles' chat because it contains an anagram and who doesn't love shit like that? Ah, word play. The wise owl likes it.

Owl ring: Claire's
 Look - he's smiling. These owls like wordplay too. They're most fervently fond of fancy alliteration. If only it was called falliteration. That would be perfect.
Owl necklace: Claire's
And back to the matter in hand. Yes, we're talking shoes people. Just for a change. Last month, I made mention of a pair of leopard print Red or Dead shoes I was having fancy feelings for. And so I took the plunge and got a pair (from Schuh)! Look how lovely they are!

Red or Dead 'Paloma' heels: Schuh
They're pair #63 in my 'wear all my shoes' challenge (I REALLY must re-count and see who still needs worn!). I, of course, am hugely supportive of the fact that they're leopard print: my go-to neutral. I'm also a fan of their hairiness, their platform and the soft suede on said platform and heel. Plus, I like the wonky extended toe and can't help thinking that they've got a definite air of exaggerated YSL Tribute about them. Minus the exaggerated designer price tag.

Owls: Claire's, Cardi and Belt: H&M, Shoes: Red or Dead @ Schuh, Dress: I made it.
Me, the owls and the hairy printed beasts. I like the leopardiness with purple. That's all from me for the evening. I spent this weekend at Oxegen in Ireland (post to come) and am shattered! So it's goodnight from me (*night*) and goodnight from yet another pair of awesome shoes (*goodnight*). Yes, I'm so sleepy I'm making the shoes talk to you. Crazy lady.



Helga! said...

Meow!! Loves 'em!
AND the owls of wisdom!!!

Vix said...

Owl, furry leopard print platforms and purple! What's not to love here?
How was Oxygen? I can't wait to hear more. Sleep well, gorgeous one! x

Please may I? said...

Very stunning and hairy shoes. Love em!

Night night.

X x

Sophie - Country girl said...

Those shoes are amazing. Leopard and purple look great together!

Frocktasia said...

Owls are great!
I like your shoes too ;)
Take care luv,

Kitty said...

Cute cute CUTE!!! Not sure what Oxygen is (a club?) but it must have been good to make you so knackered!

Misfits Vintage said...

FAB leopardy shoes! And you AMDE that dress? So clever! You look gorgeous.

Sarah xxx

Alex said...

Ok, they're fab. And I don't even like leopard print. What are you doing to me here??

Also I now want Pringles.

sacramento said...

What can I say, I want, want them .
I have definitly to shop your closet one of these days.

Faff said...

Awesomeness, cant beat some leopard print! :)

Anonymous said...

I love them, they are amazing!!!
And I am also in the middle of a 'wear my shoes' challenge/crisis!!! Arg! But I can barely walk in most of them!


Anula said...

Gorgeous shoes! Amazing dress!! You look fab!!
If you want we can follow each other! Have a magic day!!