6 July 2011

Perpetual Mullet.

Yes, I have decided (for now) to grow out my hair and, at the moment, am in a state of perpetual mullet. What's a girl to do? I'm no good with hair anyway - I never know what to do with it, what products to use or anything.  Literally, these days I am shampoo only and, if I go for a particularly high quiff, a squirt of hairspray. My hair's so short it doesn't even need conditioner. That'll be back in the regime as soon as I have a bit more length though. So, at the moment, the 'do' is in a not-properly-short-but-not-yet-bob-length-either state and the bit that seems to grow fastest is ALWAYS the back of it. I bring this topic up purely because you can see the mullet flicks in the picture below:

Shoes: Schuh, Dress: Urban Outfitter, Shirt and Belt: H&M
I was interviewing at work today so thought I best keep to a slightly neater version of me. Don't worry - there's still ALWAYS a way to work leopard print into any look. Phew! And some accessory awesomeness! The little owl ring is new (duty free when I was at an airport waaaaaaaaaay early. Duty Free is lethal when there's lots of time to kill) and I L-O-V-E him. He's so cute! I feel I will be wearing him a lot. I think we've met the other jewels before.

And so to the shoes. Everyone knows that, if you're going to work 'smart', you need a nice pair of shoes. And I happen to think mine are particularly nice! I've wanted to get a pair of brogues for ages but wasn't sure my legs could, er, work them. Last winter I got my brogue boots which are currently awaiting re-heeling because they were worn so much (off topic, but does anyone have any vague interest whatsoever in shoe repairing? I have about 10 pairs to have mended and can't decide if shoe resurrection equals a remotely worthwhile blog post!). So, I decided that I didn't much care if people liked how they looked on me and went for it anyway.

Pair #62 in the shoe wearing challenge! Look. Aren't I gentlemanly? In a girlie pink sorta way. The brogues are from Schuh and are a gorgeous soft leather and they feel just lovely on. Plus, they smell proper leathery too - I love that. In fact I was chatting to someone today (hello!) who says she regularly offers people a sniff of her Mulberry bag. I totally get that. I'll be honest, I kind of wanted to smell it too! And, on that note, I bid you all a good evening.

Toe so pretty! (See what I did there?)


Marcia B. said...

Love your outfit, it’s so cute! Your accessories are so great and I’m loving these pink shoes!!! Hair Is fabulous! I’m loving all your outfits and those purple heels below – WOW! I’m your new follower.

Vix said...

Perpetual mullet? Hilarious! i think it looks good, how long are you thinking of going?
Those pink shoes are so cute, I like the irridiscent sheen on them, like the inside of a shell.
That jewellery is awesome espcially that rabbit in a hat.
I always get my shoes reheeled. A simple heel tip is £2.95 here if I go to the independent cobbler. Jon's brogues needed a complete resoling job and that was £12, much cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes. x

sacramento said...

I am not good with long hair either. When I had it long it was always in a pony tail, so what is the point??
I keep it short.
You do look good.
Wishing you the best of lucks.

Sophie - Country girl said...

love those brogues, they are just perfect. I've never braved getting my hair cut short, so I've never been through the growing it out process. Giving it a wash must be a doddle!

Helga! said...

"Perpetual Mullet" would be a great name for a band!!!
LOVE the new jewels!!!

Jo said...

I am obsessing over your brogues <3 The shade of lilac is divine!

Lost in the Haze

Lauren said...

Omg I love the smell of leather. My new leather Oroton bag sits beside my bed and I often wake up and get a whiff of it.

Very nice outfit, I've never thought of wearing a boobtube dress like that. And the leopard print blouse is win =]

Kitty said...

Perpetual mullet?? Hilarious, esp. when one lives in Australia!!! Pink brogues are cool, I think I have about 30 pairs of pink shoes.xx.

Faff said...

Ooh I love the Accessorize necklace, so very cute! :)

dinoprincesschar said...

i am hopeless at remembering to get shoes re-soled or heeled. it's so expensive - £12 for just heel tips the other week, on a pair which didn't even cost that much new - but i do wear them a lot and they are plain black, so i feel a necessary pair to make sure i have. ugh.
i love these brogues - i've been a bit uncertain about brogues on the whole, but recently am considering becoming a convert..