19 July 2011

Mish Mash!

This is a mish mash post! Why? Because I had these shots of me in these shoes from AGES ago that I never got round to using and because Sarah at Misfits Vintage had awarded me a Top Blogger award that appaz requires me to tell you about my top 10 beauty products. Thanks Sarah! You are most awesome.

So, I decided that neither thing in their own right warranted a whole post, hence a mish mash fusion! Let's start with the shoes:

They were a cheapo bargain from Matalan a wee while back! I don't wear them very often but they're cute. I always think faux suede looks better than faux leather ever can. Plus, it doesn't have the rank plastic feel and smell of faux leather. The cute crackled faux leather on these babies is an exception, obvs!

Dress: Trollied Dolly, Leggings: Uniqlo, Shoes: Matalan, Cardi: TU via charity shop.
I look on some kind of mission here! The nice thing about finding these pics now is that they are 2 or 3 months old and I can totally see the difference going to the gym and eating better is making. My legs are actually starting to shape up - hallelujah! And I have less cellulite - no joke! Fuck fancy potions, eh? Plus, I feel better, healthier and more confident, which is the absolute main thing.

So, to the top 10. I loved that Sarah made it more about tips so as not to advertise anyone for free. I am far less principled (sorry! Actually, I'm not sorry - like it or lump it people!) so here's what I got for you. Unsurprisingly there are nigh on no hair tips in there!

1. Carmex lipbalm. Being full of lip, I'm picky about what I moosh about my gob in the lipbalm stakes and have never found anything that works for me as well as Carmex. I bulk buy it from the US on eBay - there's a frugal tip for ya!

2. MAC lipstick for a treat. I just love it. I try to pick it up at Duty Free where possible. However, did you know that MAC do 'back to MAC'? (If they still call it that). You take either 5 or 6 empty MAC pots/tubes etc and you get a free lipstick! Worth knowing.

3. Cheap mascara. I don't do expensive mascara. Just curl your eyelashes and go for whatever's cheapest that doesn't flake right off your face. Again, I've bulk bought ones I've liked from eBay.

4. Lots of water and healthy eating!

5. Cheap nail polish. I just can't bring myself to spend a lot on it. Barry M is probably my fave. As long as you let it dry propery and use a topcoat it should last ok!

6. Lush solid shampoo. It's good for the environment as there's no packaging, it's handy for travel as it's solid (no leaks and you can take it hand luggage on a plane), plus it's always been swell for my hair!

7. Lush Dream Cream - an actual skin saver. When I worked at Lush we'd have folk come in for it for excema, psoriasis, nappy rash and all kinds of skin ailments, each one of them swearing by it. I use it for regular body moisturising but also sun burn or exposure, dry skin, irritated skin, shaving rash - the list goes on. It's the ultimate soother and I even use it on a stressed face occasionally.

8. Touche Eclat. Sorry, I know it's the fancy one but I've never found a cheap alternatve I like better. Of course, I never buy it at high street prices.

9. If only this list was about shoes, I'd have more to share.

10. Hmm. Blusher - wakes a face up no end!

That's all folks!


Carol said...

So glad you are beginning to see the difference you going to the gym makes - you are looking fantastic! Those shoes are well cute too.

Carol xxx

Please may I? said...

Cute shoes Hun. I'm soooo far behind in shoe posts!

I just we the same ones or work and then forget to take photos when I wear others! I'm still being threatened about them all being thrown out!!

X x

China In Your hands said...

Your shoes are lovely! I love how they've taken the tbar trend to another level with the ruffles.
Great top 10 beauty tips too.

Nelly said...

yep those shoes are gorgeous

Misfits Vintage said...

FAB shoes Llara!

Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Cute shoes, love 'em!

Vix said...

They look fab. Well done on the toning up. x

Alex said...

I really don't find that Touche Eclat works for me. Odd huh? I swear by a MAC liquid concealer type thing now instead.