18 August 2011

Vintage at Southbank

You may have heard, a coupla of weeks ago, that it was Vintage at Southbank (this year's version of last year's Vintage at Goodwood festival). I was in London at the time and was lucky enough to win VIP tickets from ASOS! I won them via a photo competition where you had to send a pic of you styled to fit a certain era. I won the 80s category with this beaut:

To be fair, the outfit was originally for fancy dress. Either way, I freakin' love this dress that I got in a Peebles charity shop for £7 "because a strap was broken". Well, I whapped the straps off as soon as I got it home - with boning like this baby has, they weren't needed!

Anyway, winning the comp got me to thinking about some of my fave outfits featuring vintage items. Being very much a mix of high street and second hand, with more of the high street, the vintage bits in my wardrobe tend to be highlights. So here are some of my favourite items:

Vintage skirt: Gigi Vintage £7

Vintage Michel Adam dress Tarquin and Petunia. The best thing about winter will be being able to wear this jumper dress again - it's far too warm for it just now.

Vintage dress £12.50 from a website who's name I now can't remember but I do know it closed down - sad times. Amazing dress - I feel like a fancy princess (yup, not JUST a princess but a fancy princess) in it.

Skirt £4 at a local flea market and bag from Beyond Retro.
Dress from Judy's Affordable Vintage market. It was £15 I think. Love this dress!
I love a cheeky wee vintage or second hand piece to add some variation or a point of difference to the wardrobe! And, on a vintage tip, here are some pics from the event which, to be honest, was only ok! haha! Put it this way, I'm glad I didn't pay for the tickets, but being treated to VIP for free was awesome!

London looks beautiful from the VIP balcony. Plus, it was roasting! Being Scottish, this was an unusual experience for me.

Mr Scribbler doesn't get the concept of 'full length photo' and cut off my feet. My feet! Not my face, or arse or a bingo wing, my feet. To be fair, I was just wearing Birkenstocks. Too much 'on the feet all day action' not to be in comfort. I chose to rock a vintage skirt and nipped waist for the occasion. And free champagne and Haagen Dazs.

Hair in rollers. You could totes get your hair did 'n' that but there's bugger all you can do with hair my length so a rollered quiff it was. And some more free champagne. Well, it's be rude not to.

The finished quiff. Posey mirror shot alert!

A display made of vinyl covers. How smug does Bazza Manilow look?

Freakin yummy free afternoon tea. Did I mention we were VIP?

I went for a scone and Mr S busted out a slice of the enormous stuff. People were all ignoring it. Folk in London need to learn to get stuck the fuck into the free shit. #tightScot

Our wee programme for the day. Wayne Hemmingway was supposed to talk at 1 but didn't turn up. We left, he turned up after we went and stayed for 10 mins, claiming a late one the night before. Rock 'n' roll or rude. You decide. I'm going RUDE WAYNE, YOU'RE FREAKIN' RUDE!

A purdy dress at the vintage market outside. Yup the best bit was the FREE stuff outside - haha!

Some pretty ceramic gubbins.    


Smeeeff said...

Wow! Your quiff was amazing!! Looks like you had a fantastic time

Amy xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Oh I didn't know you were going, shame I didn't see you there. Totally agree with your synopsis - it was ok, as long as you didn't pay for it ;) x

Vix said...

Get you, Mrs VIP, looking all slinky and fabulous despite having no feet!
Love the close-up photograph, you are soooo pretty. x

Please may I? said...

Wow what a fab day! Looks like you had a grand day.

You looks super cute with your rollers in.

The quiff looks amazing on you.

X x

Carol said...

My favourite Llara is Llara with quiff! Beautiful and the blue dress, always a fave:)

Caz xxx

Faff said...

Fabby outfit, plus I agree about the food - I'm always first to the buffet, must be the Scottish cheapskate in me! :)

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I had missed this wonderful post. sorry...I am drooling all over it.