2 September 2011

Good Godiva

Godiva is an Edinburgh Vintage shop based on the West Port, just off the Grassmarket. It's one of those shops I always mean but never get round to popping into. Yes, despite Edinburgh being one of the world's most beautiful cities, I often just can't be bothered going up town and fighting the crowds! However, I follow them on Twitter and after seeing a couple of gorgeous vintage dresses, I knew I had to make it my mission to go check out the shop for the first time in aaaaages! Ordinarily I'd have just done the online shop but the dresses sounded too small for me so a real life visit was needed. And it was well worth it...

Godiva's super cute homepage
It's a great shop for a few reasons. First, it has a great, nicely edited range of  vintage clothing at really reasonable prices. When you compare it to other Edinburgh vintage stores, it's definitely favourable price wise. Plus, I didn't spy a single piece of Primark tat in there! As well as the vintage clothes, they have lots of great stuff by up and coming and small designers, some brillo jewellery and their own made to measure service. The icing on the cake is their totally top notch service. They were ever so helpful on Twitter and the chick in the shop was amazers too. Call me an old fart but it really does make a difference! I'm telling you lot about them now, aren't I? And so to the nitty gritty - I'm sure you're dying to know the important thing - what did I buy!? Well I'll show you!

Awesome tropical palm tree dress. I love this (I'm wearing it as I type) for many reasons. The pattern's just the right side of bad-Hawaiian-shirt, the shape is super flattering, it makes me feel summery when it's anything but plus it's comfy too which is a winner.

Squee! Lurex threading, electric cobalt fabric, an adorable, removable collar, a slim waist and perfect length skirt, poufy sleeves. Literally, what is not to LOVE? Nothing, that's what. I wore this with a lurex cardi too, just to really rock that Christmas-bauble-out-for-an-early-jaunt look. It's a winner girls.

And finally...this adorable canary confection! I love yellow and adore yellow clothes but find them very hard to wear - it's my Scottish pallor you see. However, I'm off on hols a week on Thursday and I figure this might look swell with a wee tan going on. Alternatively, I shall wear a black vest and tights with it and be a lesser-spotted-polka-dot-bumblebee. Or more spotted as the case may be here. Either way, it was gorgeous, sounded like it would be too small but in fact fitted perfectly so it came home with mama!

I'm off for a bath now to wash away my, frankly, grumpy as a bear with a sore head, in the heat, with no berries mood.


sacramento said...

I want to see you wearing them PRONTO.
Enjoy your weekend Llara

Helga! said...

I agree with Sacramento!! Pushy lot,aren't we!? I'm squeeing over that blue frock too!XXX