4 September 2011

The shoe challenge is over!

Yup, 31st August saw the end of my year long challenge to use or lose all my shoes. It's been an interesting year. I started with a 94 pair strong shoe collection and a mission to wear every pair within the year. Any that hadn't been worn get sold, donated or binned. I got off to a strong start, racking up 41 different wears by the end of November. And then it snowed. And these were all I wore for approximately two months:

DM Triumph shearling from schuh
My trusty DMs. They saved my arse (quite literally - I didn't fall once! They're like glue on the ice!) this winter. And they're back in stock again at schuh after selling out last year. However, I think I shall invest in some more cosy, weather proof boots for this winter so that I can expand my sartorial repertoire should the weather become limiting on that front again. I'm looking at you, 10 foot drifts of snow!
So the challenge was slowed down through winter and, even when the snow and ice let up a bit, it was a 3 pair boot rotation for quite some time. Now that it's all over, the most recent pair I blogged about wearing were pair #67. That makes a discrepancy of 27 pairs unworn. However, it's safe to say I've accumulated a, er, fair number of new pairs over the challenge. Plus we've had deaths and leavers. Part way through, I realised I had shoes I was never going to wear and, in the interests of refreshing/adding to my collection, I eBayed a bunch of stuff. And bought a bunch of new stuff. The upshot is that my currently total is, at this moment, unknown!

Here's what I can tell you:

These guys died...
You haven't even had the outfit shots of the blue ones yet! Two pairs broke in quick succession so a refund it was.

This lot weren't worn at all during the year:

The zebra print Red or Dead just aren't me. The Faith are bridesmaid shoes that I wore to my very good friend's wedding - they're gorgeous but just not 'me' outwith a beautiful wedding setting. The tan boots look good with jeans. However, I don't wear jeans that often anymore and they just went unused. The pink and purple shoes were much loved at the time of purchase but just aren't really me anymore.

Then this lot were worn during the year but I'm getting rid as I know I won't wear them again:

I do enjoy most of them (especially the Office pom pom shoes which just hit my ankle at the wrong height - I have oddly sensitive ankles!) still but, I know if I won't wear them I should set them free and let someone else get enjoyment from them. Coming soon to an eBay listing near you.

Then there's these:

They look passable but, in fact, they stink and the sole's falling off so it's time for them to go!

Currently I have a large bag of shoes for the repair shop too, some of which I haven't worn but am giving a lifeline to because, for most of the year I couldn't afford shoe repairs and since I could I haven't had time to take them in!

So that's that folks. I shall have to dig deep for content now! Don't worry though - my next post will be the unveiling of the free shoe cabinet, newly revamped and freshly stocked...


Faff said...

Ooh love the pom pom ones! I totally wore boots all winter too, kinda still over it, hoping there's no ice this year! :)

sacramento said...

You are a DIVA!!!

Brat said...

Looking forward to seeing the shoe cabinet revamped!!

A Cuppa Jo said...

Great post:) I had a much needed clear out over the summer and its ridiculous how hard it is to part with a well used and battered pair of shoes!

Lou said...

I seem to remember we are the same size, you better let me know when these babies hit ebay! Lxx

Please may I? said...

Well done you!

I know I need to let quite a few pairs of mine "free" as you say but It breaks my heart. But you have given me the inspiration to just let go.

X x

Vix said...

What a brilliantly well executed challenge. you have the best taste in shoes! x

Kirsty B said...

i love love love the zebra ones! need them in my life. i also quite like the pink schuh ones - very cute.

i nearly bought the office pom poms but didnt as i didnt know where id wear them. kind of regret it now x

Maria said...

Those mustard shoes are amazing!

Maria xxx