18 May 2010

In the beginning...

Hello everyone.

Or noone! Hopefully there'll be some someones looking at this sometime soon though, eh?! I'm starting this to flex my pen shaped muscle, so to speak, after discovering an enjoyment of writing through my job. And since my job involved bits and bobs of writing here and there, I guess that's kinda lucky!

I'm loving all over fashion but I'm not a slave to the trends nor a huge worker of some of them. I have thigh shaped obstacles when it comes to certain things, especially if they're too short or tight! I've tried kidding on that I'm one of those who'd live on beans for a month and spend the money on clothes but it's just not true. I spend the money on the bean upgrade AND the clothes. And the shoes - ooh the shoes! Anyhoo, it doesn't stop me wanting to share prettinesses I've found or indeed opinions!

Most likely, I'll try a bit of being funny or satirical on here. Bear with me - I'm just testing it out. And bear with me if the blog's a bit shit to start off with. I'm sure I'll find my groove soon!


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