23 September 2010

What the *&% you looking at?

Seriously, what the fuck is my problem in this picture? I look like the camera's just told me that my quiff's falling apart and that, in retrospect, shoes number 20, yes 20, from schuh, aren't actually the best choice to go with this outfit. And, following such insults, I clearly want to kill the camera. Oh dear.

Actually, I'm starting to feel a little murderous right now. They've changed blogger and you can't upload pics and type at the same time now and the picture editor while, in the main, better, is kind of a pain in the arse. So, anyway, there we have it - my murder stare. And here are the shoes that I was so unsure about:

(Still hating on blogger - maybe I should move to typepad or another blog thing, none of the names of which I remember right now. Tumblr - ha!) The thing about the shoes is that I loved them when I bought them and I wore them all the time. (and I bought them in pink, purple and black with gold leopard print - oh you'll see them all at some point). I loved the nice square toe, the shiny patent, the killer heel and the concealed platform. But patent and skinny heels come and go for me and right now I'm not mad hot about these babies. I'm like a bad mother with favourites and just now, these are my kid that I wish would just shut the fuck up and behave. Go to your room!

Maybe they're just bad with these jeans. I acknowledge that, despite the fact that I've worn them all my life, jeans are not my best friend and often serve only to my my arse, and more particularly, my thighs, look E-FRIGGIN-NORMOUS. These particular jeans are not too bad for it. They're indigo (big thigh friendly tick) and they have a wide but not too wide leg (big thigh friendly tick). So far so good. The problem is they're just not really long enough to wear with a heel, especially a spindly one. Jeans and heels incompatibility aside, I don't mind this look for a can't be bothered day. I like my dark grey American Apparel tee and I like my red and grey striped Primark cardi. I LOVE my Lady Luck rules ladybird necklace! In fact, if I'd just worn my smelly old Cons, my face would probably be smiling. Well ain't that a lesson learned.

Anyway, according to sky plus, I've kept Fearne Cotton and Beth Ditto waiting 58mins now so I'm gonna go see what wisdom pearls (ahem) they have to share. Here's my lovely necklace to keep you all entertained while I'm away.

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