15 September 2010

Behind enemy lines

Aha! You got me - I'm wearing Office shoes. You may or may not know, I work for another purveyor of shoes which, technically, makes Office an enemy. Grr! Who am I trying to kid - I'm a total shoe slut. I like it, I can afford it, I don't give a shit where it came from! And these cuties were only £15 in the sale so, really, I sorta robbed 'em.

So it's pair #17 in the big shoe wearing challenge. Making good headway. Here's what's good about these shoes:

Peep toe
Pink Metallic trim
Ginormous pink plastic heart
Star print

A-MA-ZING! I bought the other colourway first (for my wedding! You'll see them soon enough) then, bazing, £15 for these.

They're worn with:

Urban Outfitter's dress
Forever 21 tee
Star print Uniqlo leggings
Accessorize rainbow belt
And shit hair - yeah it looked wack that day.


That's all...


Lou said...

Lovin' your work!

sallyannie☆ said...

How cute! They remind me of little Barbie shoes...which is a good thing :D