22 September 2010

Jazz, er, feet???

It's shoes number 19 ladies and gentlemen! And it's a little floral schuh, well, jazz shoe type thingamajigy. They're pretty little things: cream canvas with little cream laces and pink floral print. Regardez:

See - pretty little things. And, for once, I went for not clashing the shit out of my outfit and paired them with a simple grey Urban Outfitters jersey bandeau (which, yes, I know I wear all the time but get over it. This isn't about my fabulous wardrobe.), black leggings, a white tee and a denim shirt. Sometimes simple really is better. I topped the lot off with some glorious Accessorize pearls with a big pink grosgrain ribbon tie - just to add some girlie glamour, you know?!

I'm aware that I look a bit mental in this picture but the red eye came out looking absolutely chronic and I HAD to do something about it!

And it's just pictures from here on in...

Final though: As if Caleb from Kings of Leon got engaged! Heart breaker.

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