20 September 2010

KILLER heels!

Happy Monday people. I was flicking through my Elle (September issue - I'm forever about one issue behind on my magazines) at the weekend and stumbled across this picture of Karen Elson. I think she's a flame haired beauty anyway (gosh, don't I just sound like a cliche?) and I love the fact that, on her account Jack White wrote a song called Icky Thump (though I always thought it was 'Eee, ecky thump', rather than icky but that's by the by) and doesn't she look all smouldery on the stairs. However, it's not her I'm interested in right now - will you look at those shoes? Jeepers!

They're Louboutin and, if I recall correctly, I think they're maybe ones they did for Rodarte a few seasons back. However, I did NOT see them in gold glitter at the time. And old season or not, these babies are truly fierce. Literally. I'd be scared to have them and not wear them for fear that someone would pick them up and stab me! Plus, to have a shoe like this and not wear it? Well, that'd just be rude, wouldn't it. And I am a firm advocate of good manners. They cost nothing after all. And that's probably more than can be said for the shoes.

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