17 September 2010

Floral arrangement

Shoes # 18 are from schuh and by Irregular Choice. I LOVE these shoes. Let's have a look, shall we?

So what's so excellent about them? From my perspective, they are clashing awesomeness - the two different ditsy florals, combined with turquoise leather and blue and white stripes. I also love the huge big floppy bow ties (which match the heels!) and the gorgeous brogue detailing. Plus they're heels and they're cute.

So what should one wear with such a glorious shoe? Well, if you're me, MORE ditsy florals, in the form of my recently purchased (and recently seen on here) Trollied Dolly dress. Man, I am so loving that dress. It has the perfect combo of looking cute, fitting well and being easy just to fling on when you have no time or feel like you can't be bothered. Finish off the look with a grey cardi and leggings and let all those pretty florals work their magical banter.

I'm off to warm up my hands and nose which froze over while I was writing. Has anyone else noticed the nip of winter creeping in? Owee!

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Anonymous said...

i love these shoes.....check me out on facebook... rita firestone under sew sidity for me creations... i wish i had these shoes. i have to post them on my page....