24 September 2010

Do I smell like an old lady?

Last weekend, Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair rocked up in Edinburgh and so, with the offer of affordability and old skool glamour, I trotted (does that make it sound like I'm a goat or summat?) along with my pals for some rummaging, elbowing and shopping. That's my pal's lovely finger holding the bunting down while I mercilessly snap away at it with miphone. I love a nice bit of bunting.

This time around it was hosted in a church on George Street and it was a huge improvement on the last fair which was in Potter Row students union in, perhaps, the hottest, darkest room in Edinburgh. Seriously, you couldn't see half the stuff. By contrast, it was bright and airy this time, the air fragranced only with the unmistakable must of vintage goodies. And I swear the prices were better this time too. I didn't have the forethought to actually take any pictures inside (what, I'm still new to this bloggery and not accustomed to taking pics of every friggin' thing) the venue but, let's be honest - my friend held my bag (she was skint) all the way round so I could rummage in the most effective fashion - I wasn't gonna be much for photography. Instead, I've snapped my haul for you to ooh and aah over. Does anyone really truly ooh and aah over stuff still? Except fireworks. It's quite entertaining to watch folk during a big fireworks display. Man, there are always some gormless faces to behold during that shit. Ooh! Anyway, get your ooh aahs on people! Here they are:

Ooh! So what have we here then?! First up, this awesome green maxi dress with sequined bandeau (£25). Like a magpie to a milk bottle top (milk bottle tops were shiny and metal in yesteryear kids - FACT) this dress spied me and reeled my in with it's shiny sparkly fantastiche-ness! I also love that the skirt is fuller than the image belies, skimming bumpy bits and generally flowing like a mountain stream. Plus, some woman eyed me trying it on and said to her pal 'well she HAS to buy that'. Allegedly she was not being bribed by the stall holder! The dress is from Sophie Maddocks and is by the the far more glamorous (no offence Soph!)/porn star sounding Lilli Diamond of California. I like to think it was worn on, perhaps, a cheesy cruise ship, or maybe at a West Coast keys in the bowl swingers party. I can't see any stains mind you.

Next up is this beautiful vintage reproduction dress (£30). It came from a stall called either Vogue to Vintage or Vintage to Vogue. A quick Google search turns up nothing on them and the very lovely lady on the stall did say she doesn't have a shop or anything - she just sells at fairs - actual vintage and hand made reproductions. The picture doesn't show this dress off as best it could - it's super flattering with a little nipped waist and lovely full skirt. The dress is new but was made from an original 50s pattern. The big roses on black are perfect for my working of this season's winter florals AND Prada-esque ladylike (honestly, although I love the shows and whatnot, I don't really give much of a shit about being in fashion or on trend. It's just nice when stuff you like is in and you can stock up. Like leopard print. I'll stock up again this season and wear it after the trend slaves ditch it again)- I think I'll be wearing this dress a lot!

And finally - also from V to V, is this awesome purple dress, a bargain at £12! (I bartered as I was buying two dresses - get me!). There are no tags in it so I don't know where it's from or what it's made from but the musky must tells me it's a good style vintage number. I love that it's got subtlety in the knee length skirt, long sleeves (there's a slight bat wing and exaggerated shoulder there) and demure skirt but then, BANG sequined beaded waist a mundo! In yo' face!

Ooh, here's a close up...

And finally finally, my pal had a whoopie pie and a cup of tea at the fair and declared the pie to be deeeeelicious!

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Abbie said...

I LOVE a good vintage fashion fair, This one is coming to Leeds on Tuesday... but I'm gutted that I will be stuck at uni in lectures all day and I'll miss it! :( booo... but it looks like you got yourself some lovely things! xx