29 September 2010

Lea-der of the pack (again)

Good evening peeps. How annoying is it that, now it's getting cold again, (it's TOTALLY getting cold in Scotland. I've officially moved into old-lady's-ville and am now bringing a hottie to bed regularly. And I don't mean Mr Scribbler. He is hot though) it takes freakin' ages for the washing to dry? What a pain in my ass. And what a second dose of old lady in my opening sentences. Should I be worried? I don't think so. Some survey fella in the street yesterday reckoned I was an 18-24 box ticker. I'm not :( I'm only the next one up though and not by much at that. Therefore, I solemnly swear to try to drop any further old lady chat from this post.

So what's got me chatting today? Well, I arrived home to the sight of something lying on the mat outside. It was my November Marie-Claire (November!? That means it's nearly time for me to add a notch to the birthday post!). And, in honour/promotion of Glee being back in America and back soon (please) in the UK, they've given the cover to Lea Michele. Now you may or may not know that Lea was fast becoming my little fashion crush with all her pretty red carpet dress and her cute style and then, poof! As fast as it had begun, it ended, with Lea sporting one icky dress after a-fugly-nother. Sad times people, sad times. However, I'm pleased to see that she is back to foxy fine. Don't get me wrong - it's by no means the awesomest dress ever seen (come on, it's by the King of Tack - Roberto Cavalli. Oh yes I did.) and I daresay that, full length, could even be frumpy. But the top half is flattering and elegant and the beading and sequin detail is sufficiently intricate to impress me. Plus the colouring really suits her skin tone and hair. So Lea - here's what the thing is. This is an improvement. BUT, if you're hoping to get a Little-Scribbler lady crush mention, you're gonna have to keep upping the game. Go forth and conquer!

FYI, liking the cover DOES not mean I'm going to continue my Marie Claire subscription. Can I be brutal? It's getting really kind of shit so, if you're thinking about subscribing to it, I'd recommend that you don't bother. Plus, subscribers don't get the cover gifts (yup, there's the crux for the stingy Scot!), even though their subscriber's edition with it's alternate cover, still chats on about the non existent freebie throughout! Don't take my loyalty for granted Marie Claire!

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