13 September 2010


No, not the weird milky syrup. I have a crush-a on some shoes-a! You may remember, a while back, I wrote about a Senso shoe crush. We'll they've only gone and freakin' released the very same shoe boot in the brightest most garish pink.

Good lord, will you LOOK at these babies! I beg of anyone who has a spare $159.95, pleeeeeeease buy me a pair! I'm simultaneously almost crying and peeing a little bit just looking at them. That crushing, crashing platform (how much would the neighbours beneath my wooden floor hate me?), the gargantuan chunky heel with it's towering stature, the commanding look-at-me colour. It's just insane. Senso, I love you!

And for anyone who hasn't seen the Crusha cats - this is worth a watch...tee hee!

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