13 September 2010

If I could turn back tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime!

I'm not about to turn into one of those Bloggers that just repeats the magazines and writes about every schleb event going but THIS, is worth a mention. Gaga and Cher at the MTV VMAs. But not just Gaga and Cher. Gaga dressed in MEAT (er, poo!) and Cher dressed in a reprisal of her 1989 'If I could turn back time' outfit. Oh, genius, genius, genius!! When I was at school, our gym teacher was off one day (could they not just have called in sick, say, all year?) and we were made to do Cher's workout video. And in said video she wore an outfit from the same closet this one came from - less sparkly, more crotchy. Yes more crotchy. Seriously, that woman was all over the Hollywood before the Hollywood was even invented. It would have been spider's legs ahoy otherwise. Ladies and Gents - fest your eyes on crazy. Oh and Lady Gaga's meat purse. (Her words)

And for those who haven't seen it - here's the video...

Final thought...Katy, go back to the rubber dresses. This is bad. And ditch the hair streaks. Thanks jebus I'm here to share my wisdom.

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