13 September 2010

Oh Little Scribbler weez all zeez posts you are truly spoiling uz!

Uh-huh you better believe it. 4 posts in one day! The thing is, I was in Alton Towers at the end of last week and, frankly, when you're on the world's first vertical drop roller coaster, the last thing on your mind is blogging. So I have a build up of pictures of shoe wearage waiting to go up here. Ladies and gentlemen, here is pair # 14 from schuh. Oh, oh yes, and # 15 too, Havaianas, also from schuh. Two pairs in one day people. I'm a shoe slut!

The first shoes are this pretty leopard print pair. They're mid height (soooo a/w '10) with a delicious almond shaped toe. They're satiny (but not in a cheap way) leopard print, trimmed with burgundy grosgrain edging and bow. Adorable. The heel is slightly conical and is burgundy patent. S'cuse the heel scrapage - Edinburgh pavements and cobbles are a bitch.

And she wore 'em with...a Primark wrap around dress I've had for ages. I love this dress - it makes me think of old school cleaning ladies who wore kinda turban things. Maybe I'll rock it with a headscarf next time. Does anyone else feel as though, if they suddenly try to work a headscarf, having never worn one before, they'll look like a twat? Yes, no? Just me? Anyway, I added a leopard print Warehouse cardigan for the match/clash factor and a black vest/leggings for decency's sake. People just don't give enough credence to decency these days...The combo is topped off with a bejewelled Topshop snake necklace.


And finally - with the gold Havaianas. I wear these all the flipping time and never picture them. I just forget! Anyway, my leg was doing something weird and I needed to go out so the heels were ditched and the flip flops taken up! Good times. Flip flop and you don't stop. And I should stop. Stop.

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