3 September 2010

Dirrrrrrty Dozen

So, my bad. I haven't updated this in, literally, days! How have you coped? Are you still there? Who knows? Who cares? I do, of course, you dozy mares!!

Shoes # 12 are from schuh and by Irregular Choice (check the no nonsense, straight back to business approach there). Nom, nom. They are from way back in around 2004 and from one of schuh's first ever Irregular Choice ranges - back when they were a little known quirky brand and not the behemoth of embellished bedazzlement they have become. In fact, give it a few years and these babies'll qualify as vintage. Yeah, you better believe it. I have solid gold brewing right here in my shoe closet.

So, the particulars: they're white leather (sometimes class, sometimes trash), flats (that pretty much boots them into class. Trash is the white stiletto worn incorrectly. Or wielded. When I lived in t'Boro some chick actually killed someone with a stiletto. Sho nuff. That shit was ghetto) with the old skool, occasionally reintroduced, Irregular Choice bum-toe. I think they call it a heart toe but I heard it called a bum toe in the early days and it's stuck. As well as the lovely bum toe, the shoes have a purdy studded flower on the vamp (tecchie terms beatches) which I do enjoy. Observe, if you will:

The shoes are worn with my little cream floral Primark dress. You'll see that on here heaps because it's cute and it's awesome for bloated days - everything just hides neatly away underneath it. I also have on my grey H&M cardi and a black and gold zebra scarf (it was a wee bit chilly and I was still chasing off the last of that cold. It was a gift so I'm not sure where it's from. It could be tacky but it's so right and you know my feelings on anything from the shiny family. Foxy printed leggings are by Uniqlo and it's all topped off with a little leopard bow in the hair. Lord, I love the mixed and mashed prints - lace, floral, leopard and zebra - you know it works!

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