30 August 2010

Em(my), what were they thinking

So I settled down with a nice cup of Earl Grey for a look through the Emmy pictures. And I was distinctly underwhelmed. What a lot of so-so garb! Don't get me wrong, there were some alright dresses but nothing, NOTHING wow. Come on telly and film people - your job is to entertain!

One thing that did strike me was the awful-tastic Glee fashion misses (maybe that's why they withheld the awards...there can be no other reason cos Glee's awesome!). Ordinarily, I love a bit of Glee fashion (and in fairness Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley's dresses were ok and the boys scrubbed up nicely) and Lea Michele is normally one of my absolute red carpet favourites. But at the Emmys, it was not to be so. Regard:

It makes her waist look tiny and she has a winning smile. And that's all I like. The fringe looks wonky, the necklace is old lady frumpy, the dress is SO shiny (in a 'get that lit match away from me' sorta way) and all that frilly crap at the bottom reminds me of those flamenco dolls other people got as gifts when their parents had been in Spain. I SO wanted one of those dolls. Maybe I'm just bitter. Love you Lea, do NOT love this look. Want a flamenco doll.

However, Lea is the better of this bad bunch. Turn your attention now, if you will, to Naya Rivera (that's one cracking name though):

Gay God. Gay god of shiny prossie fashion. This is a serious case of 'my eyes, my eyes!'. Because mine are close to bleeding after absorbing this ensemble. The gi-heusterous fake hair looking bun. The greasy looking wonky fringe. The SHINY (again - what's with that? Show me a spark and I'll show you a bonfire.) dress with vile poufy skirt and overly high split (the girl has cracking legs actually and on a different dress, a split this high might be acceptable). The fugly brooch. This dress says one thing to me: slutty bridesmaid. Next time, wear the cheerleader uniform...

And (almost) finally. Another alumni of the fashion 'do' column usually, Diana Agron has foofed it up this time.

Three words: Toilet Roll Holder. Aw but her hair and face look gorgeous!

And last but not least...Puck. Looking fiiiiiiiine as ever, but, dude, what's with the shiny suit?

After all that critique I'm going to go think sunny thoughts and pet a kitten or something.

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