5 August 2010

Pretty Green (and blue)

So with the news that schuh now have Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green/Clarks Originals in stock (on site later today), I got to thinking about pretty green things (Ok, so it's tenuous but bear with me).

Anyway, as luck would have it, I got an email inviting me to rate or slate some 90210 girl's outfit. I clicked merrily, thinking "this is gonna be trampalicious and, probably, slutty and I shall judge" (oh, shut up, you do the same). And, much to my surprise, the dress was gorgeous! I can't even remember the chick's name and, I'll be honest, I can't be arsed finding it out, but, man, I am loving all over her dresses boink! Like Craig David (Craig David all over your boink? Keep up!). It's a 70s-a licious, slouchy, shiny polyester looking batwinged thing of an article of clothing. The emerald colour is gorgeous and works well on her and she's accessorised it (in my eyes) perfectly! The skinny, retro belt, the probably Chanel quilted bag (covetousness is SO my style) and the nude heels just set it off in the best possible way. I LOVE it. Go 90210 girl!

Anyway, this dress also got me thinking about my own shiny 70s-esque piece of maxi awesomeness. I got this dress from Miss Kitty Litter Vintage a few weeks back and swore I'd blog about it and, as yet I haven't. I'll do it properly later, all styled up and whatnot, but here's a wee preview for now. Words would struggle to describe the bold sapphirey vibrant (see - words - struggling) colour and the actual perfection with which it fits my bottom heavy body but I, as with little miss 90210's dress, friggin' love this dress. It makes me feel like I'm Giselle or something (she's my fantasy 'if I could have any body' lady). Which is no mean feat. I'll style it up and blog it properly later. For now, sit and enjoy the way in which it's retro shiny-ness complements the shiny-ness of the mannequin.

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Missy M said...

oh i love the green dress!

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