26 August 2010

Lady Crush number 2...

Well, my 2nd blogged lady crush this week but I was having warm feelings for BNTM's angry Grace on Monday night too. Love her and her mad glasses. Should Mr Little-Scribbler start worrying????

Anyway, step up Jessica Alba who I couldn't bear for ages, then she fecked off, dropped a sprog and came back looking all lovely and with a shitting great sackload of 'mazin' outfits. I was loving all over her boink at Couture Fashion week and, would you believe it, she's only gone and grabbed me again. This dress is amazing!! I have a lovely Toppers handbag that could go incognito up against it and I have often wished I could turn said bag into a dress. Then Balmain went and did it, pumped up the shoulders and stuck Ms Alba inside it. All it needed was a discreet bangle and some Louboutins (er, what outfit doesn't?) and job's a good 'un.

Plus, all this awesomeness totally detracts from what sounds like being a terrible film...(soz)Loving your fashion work Jess.

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