25 August 2010


My lady crush of the week this week is...Drew Barrymore (you didn't think this post was about Michael did you?). Even when she was with Fabrizio Moretti of the Strokes (my 2nd husband), I couldn't help but love her. She's glossy but not too glossy and she ain't afraid to rock a look.

I think it all dates back to when, early-mid 90s, she was pictured with over sized daisies in her hair. I found them impossibly cute - they appealed to the part of me that always wore glitter (even to school) and thought that more was definitely more when it came to the number of necklaces you could wear at once.

These days, unless it's little gold tokens, I tend to stick to one necklace at a time and I don't wear glitter every day (honestly, though, I'm always happy to have an excuse for glitter. I think I'm a closeted disco ball or something). And Drew's looking chicer and more polished than in the 90s (Who isn't? Come on, admit it - you had either Heather Shimmer by Rimmel or Avon Iced Champink lipstick too) too. I'm loving her recent appearances in a brocade/jacquard Marchesa dress, nodding to the a/w lady trend with a cinched waist, and her demure trousers with sequined top, platform shoes and grown out roots. And it's nice to see that even the a-list wear the same pair of shoes more than once sometimes!

Now, I'm not feeling this V Festival look (the trousers aren't flattering and I'm not a fringing girl. Tried it, looked like Tonto, dismissed it.) but you gotta love that the girl ain't afraid to stand out. However, I'm giving a 'woop' for the mere appearance of Drew at said festival amongst all the usual 'opening of an envelope' d-list, fame-whore, trampy, brit school brat, don't really give a shit about music types that are at all the festivals these days. Urgh, rant over. Drew, I salute you

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