29 August 2010

Legs 11 - Call of the Wild

Sounds a bit like the title of some kind of cheesy porno. Tee, hee! (Actually that might not be a bad idea...)

Shoes #11 in the Great Shoe Wearing Challenge (ha, as if it's a challenge to have to wear shoes every day - who do I think I am?) are Clarks Originals from schuh. I first saw these shoes a few months back and from that moment until they arrived in store I coveted the ass off them. And then they were mine!!

I've always liked Clarks Originals (more so on yummy indie boys) but never really though they were 'me'. Someone at Clarks must've realised this and thought, 'what can we do to reel her in?' (because it's the sole aim of every company to have me like their stuff), at which point a creative genius said 'let's make a hairy leopard print desert boot'. And, thus I was won.

Here they are in all their hairy glory (I am so not averse to a pair of hairy shoes. Did you see the Louboutins with the 'tail'? I think they were maybe for Christopher Kane. Amazing. I'm also ok with a bald shoe as it goes)

As you may (if you've read this recently) or may not know, I've had a filthy, dirty, stinking cold of late and, as a result, I'm dressing for snuggly comfort, rather than for trying to look like a goddess of any sort. I'm also hiding my snot ridden, rudolph nosed face, not because I think I'm fabulous and you don't deserve to see my face but because I think I think you're fabulous and shouldn't be subjected to it. Therefore, the boot outfit runs as follows:

Awesome hairy leopard print boots: Clarks Originals at schuh, £79.99
T-dress: Uniqlo
Black leggings: oh, who the hell knows?
Gold Lurex cardi (which we all know I favour): either Topshop or Primark (I have one from each and I'm not sure which it is.)
Gold Lurex socks (oh yes you better believe it!): Can't remember actually - soz...
Beautiful gold mirrored horeshoe necklace: Lady Luck Rules ok

Final Thought: Will there be a bitchy uncomfortable vibe between Chezza and all the lady x-factor judges?

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