18 August 2010

Seven, seven, SEVEN!!

Aw, I miss Friends. What a good show that was. I definitely think a film's a bad idea though. No, no, no. And if you can't figure out why I'm prattling on about Friends, then we can't be friends (please still keep reading my blog though - beggars can't be choosers and my audience, for now, is limited).

Anyway, the "sevens" are in celebration of the official documenting of the wearing of my 7th pair of shoes from my 95 pair strong collection. BUT, yet again, I've added to said collection and am up to 96 pairs, which means I STILL have 89 pairs left to wear. I'm such a douche.

So, the 7th pair are my trusty floral Birkenstocks courtesy of schuh. I feel like I'm wearing these bloody things all the time just now since we're actually getting some decent weather. Once it cools down and I get back in tights, the shoes will get more interesting. For now, I'm not prepared to go through rancid sweaty feet for anyone. No, not even those of you who got the Friends thing. And here's how I wore them...

Sandals: Birkenstock @schuh
Dress: Primark
Leggings: Uniqlo (yes, I've worn the dress and leggings before. What, d'you think I'm made of money or summat?)
Denim Shirt: H&M
Owl necklace: Primark

And, yes, thanks for noticing, that IS a sun tan on my feet. Been on my hols, innit. Remember, smart kids always use SPF!



Like your little owl!

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The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Love your owl pendant, fun!

Fab blog, definitely be back :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy. xxx

Little Scribbler said...

chers chicks! Glad you enjoy it. You're welcome back any time! xxx