4 August 2010

Rumpy Pumpy

Rumpy pumpy, pump-a-licious. No, I'm not blogging about things sexual, I'm blogging about the successful wearing of my 6th pair of shoes from my 94 pair collection. But HOLD UP! There's been a change. You see, I actually bought these shoes in Primark at the weekend, making them my 95th pair and putting me back to having 89 pairs left to wear...oh, I don't make it easy for myself!

Back to business. These pumps are so cute. They're pale grey faux leather with frilled detail at the front. On the frill, they've added purdy little faux pearls. How ladylike!

To the shoes, I added a wee floral Primarni dress I've had forever, grey H&M cardigan and Uniqlo leggings. The final touch is my Accessorize Eiffel Tower necklace. And cos I'm a sweetie I've done you a not un-entirely blurry close up. Now don't you go off saying I ain't good to ya!

And on a separate note, since starting this I am darn good and fed up being confronted by my thighs all the time (well, normally they're down there and I don't really see them) so, post summer holiday (well it's on Monday - what d'you want me to do before then?), I'll be taking a decision about joining a fat class - eek!


mummy dodd said...

Hi Llara, its Mummy Dodd. Being a novice in the shoe steaks i'm loving reading your blog and who knows i might even be temped to ditch my safe comfy footwear for something a little more daring although may be a while til i work up to leopard print lol. I think you thighs look fine i am a little worried however that you seem to have lost your head!!! Good luck with the shoe challege xx

Little Scribbler said...

Aw, mummy Dodd!! I can't believe you're reading my blog - that's so exciting! Thank you!

Yeah, I had an itch in my head on night and the next day it was gone - how annoying. I'm thinking I may follow you back to SW - you can be my inspiration! xxx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ....