3 August 2010

Toppers #FAIL!

Topshop's new website is looking super smashing and swell. Lovely imagery and all that jazz, if a teeny bit poncey. However, whoever's proofing it perhaps need a cheeky wee pro plus or maybe even just a good strong cuppa. This fail (er why are they talking about man shorts in their shoes section) was spotted by awesome blogger and all round fab fashion gal Judy Pink:

Figuring, "they're retail behemoth Topshop", I assumed this would have been fixed but, nevertheless swung on over for a cheeky wee peek. And they have changed it. To say "Shoes. Check out the tops that are new in right now". Oh dear. Altogether now, #FAIL!


milliewalsh said...

I notice things like that all the time! Mainly massive spelling/product description errors, some of which may just be me nit-picking, but I think they should get things exactly right considering how huge the company is!

Little Scribbler said...

Yup! I know mistakes happen but seriously - not twice like that. And I'd tweet 'em about it but they don't bother their arse replying so why bother!?