26 August 2010

Double figures boys 'n' girls!

Yes indeed people, it's pair of shoes number 10 and they're by Irregular Choice (you might notice a theme emerge here over the course of this. I reckon around 20% of my collection is Irregular Choice. I'd do the maths but, really, who can be arsed?) from Branch309.co.uk. Crap name, good website! And, as I recall, they were a bit of a bargain.

I love these shoes because:

They're shiny and sparkly
With rainbow polka dots
And they're purple suede
And they're kind of a funny shape
Plus, you can totally walk in them! (useful as I was wearing them to work then a marketing festival event in town and planned to walk home. Well, this friggin' cold's keeping me out the gym and I feel like a lazy bastard!)

I decided to do 'lady' in these and went with a pretty star print navy dress I got ages ago in Primarni (don't you love that 'oh this old thing? Had it forever' feeling when stuff you've had for ages is suddenly back on trend again?), with a wee t-shirt underneath (from Forever 21. We SO need to get them over here. And, no, not just in London! Or Dublin, they're getting a big one). And the look is topped nicely, if I do say so myself, with a Lady Luck Rules owl necklace - one of my absolute favourite necklaces!

And topped with a gold lurex cardi. Obvs!

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