17 August 2010

New season style, old season price - yessss!

Now, if there's two things I love in this life, it's shiny things and bargains (well obv, my family, friends etc too. Urgh, I'm not THAT shallow!). So just imagine how excited I get when I bag a shiny bargain. Then picture that excitement when it's two shiny bargains. Then imagine the excitement when said bargains are next-season-appropriate brocade!! You get the picture - there's exponential expansion (ooh, first 3 letter alliteration - love it!) of excitement!

So what did I bag that elicited such unadulterated glee? Since you ask so nicely I'll share: these two purdy River Island dresses.

Check out that shimmering brocade! Balmain would be proud! Check out that ladylike silhouette - Louis Vuitton eat yer heart out! Double trend-a-licious! Check out my photography skills! I think Mario Testino was just sick in his mouth.

As usual RI have slightly over accessorised with the belts (though the gold one's actually cute - it's the pink one that's been dragged in from naffsville), but they're on the right track with the waist nipping. The green/gold dress is a really light brocade (and, truth be told, kinda itchy), with a short skirted take on the 50s lady look and a bold chunky visible zip up the back. The pink dress has a ruched front panel which bust boosts without chunking up the waist and is slightly boned. However, it's the back that really gets me. Again, there's a big unconcealed zip (I do love a big chunkamoid zip) which is trimmed with 3 big bows running up the top of the back. It's SO cute. And the price? £11.25 each down from £39.99 and £44.99 respectively. BARGAIN!

I'm so channeling the Tin Man this winter...

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Lou said...

Love, love, love them! Just bought myself a nice little number from DP today, we need to go out and show ourselves off!