1 August 2010

Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

Today's (ok Friday's) shoes are right off the feet of Barbie. Not literally - Barbie's shoes would never fit my size 7s - it's more that I think she'd be happy trotting about in a pair, trying not to be overbalanced my her giheusterous (it's a word - see earlier Blog on my feelings about folk questioning my questionable words) boobs. Why? Simple: they're pink, patent, high and shiny, shiny, shiny!

These shoes are girly tack personified (shoesonified?). I enjoy embracing my tacky side from time to time and these shoes help me do just that. But here's the thing about tacky - it's a fine line between kitsch tack and just looking like a slut or, well, a Barbie doll. So here's how I dolled up my tacky shoes to keep 'em lower key...

Lordy, that egg on my foot (above pic) really is an egg where I kicked my desk earlier that day in an attempt to show my colleague that, being dressed in a denim shirt and leggings, I clearly hadn't moved on sartorially since I was 14. Or maybe I've come full circle. Anyway, the leg kick to show leggings resulted in an almighty whack.

Things I love about these shoes:
The slightly squared off toe
The concealed platform
The kinda naff stiletto heel
The high shine pink patent
That they're a wee bit like a coupla seasons back Stella McCartney
They're old season schuh

Sorry! Did I nearly have your eye out there with my usually modest bosoms?!

Belt: New Look (to pull it all together)
Skirt, (awesome animal forest scene) t-shirt and denim shirt: H&M (yes, the t-shirt may be considered to be 'busy' with the skirt but I love it)
Leggings: Uniqlo
Necklaces: Urban Outfitters and DIY (it's hard to see but the UO necklace is a pretty little bejewelled deer)

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