14 September 2010

I'm trollied, dolly

Nah, I'm not really. I want to say I can't work a camera when I'm trollied but I have photos to prove that ain't really the case. No, actually, I'm wearing a beautiful floral dress from Trollied Dolly and some Irregular Choice lovelies from schuh.

So, let's start with the shoes. It seems only appropriate for a shoes challenge. You may be getting, by now, that I quite like Irregular Choice. And this pair are no exception. They're dogtooth but, instead of the trad black/white combo, IC have gone for white/grey/pink. Love it. They're a lowish heel (though sometimes they bust right on your balls as you walk. Tee, hee!) with a pink heel tip - I'm a sucker for detail. They have a cute black bow at the heel (details, details!) and, weirdly, orange velvet lining. Now I must tell you: I am not a fan of the velvet lining. It, frankly, encourages foot sweat and I just imagine it all building and festering...what do you mean you came to read about shoes not hear about foot sweat? Oh, sorry. Ah, here's a close up:

You like? I know I sure like my new Trollied Dolly dress. You can read all sorts of shizz about how they came to be here. But, in a nutshell, two sisters grabbed their balls, quit their jobs and decided to make the world better shod. Good plan. My dress is a pretty little white and pink floral, fitted waist number. So far, so cute. The thing that really grabbed me though was the ginormous bow across the chest - cute-a-licious! Ta-da!

Yes that's my neck. No, there's no Adam's apple. I'm a chick! BTW, if you're interested, it's an H&M belt, a Toppers or Primarni cardi and Uniqlo leggings. I am really rather rating Uniqlo's customer service right now. And their patterned leggings!


Jeniffer said...

lovely shoes

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Abbie said...

The Trollied Dolly dres is gorgeous. I want a dress with an enormous bow! consider me very jealous! xx

behindtheshoes said...

I wanted these but they never came back in my size :( Very pretty.

Rachelle X