17 September 2010

Must Drew look that good?!

Avid followers of my blog (love you Sally!) may recall that I have a bit of a lady crush on Drew Barrymore. So imagine my mixed feeling of adoration and out and out jealousy when I saw this. I was all flushed cheeks with green tinted edges (and not just cos I had one wine too many on a school night - for shame).

I mean - it's ridiculous - does a dress really need to have so much cut out of it? Well, if your waist is the size of a fresh new kitten's and your abs are like a washboard, then, it seems, yes! And while the dress is kinda fugly, Drew looks out and out stunning (and I usually hate that word - it's SO over used on Twitter!) and a wee bit ethereal. Lady crush, I salute you.

Final thought: I went to see the new Drew film, something about the Distance (I forget the name). It was surprisingly funny and I'd like to share a favourite moment, if I may. So, Drew's a waitress in San Fran and her dude lives in NYC. He rocks up at the restaurant to surprise her and, thinking it's a new customer right at the end of her shift, she stomps over. When she sees him she's all excited and he says 'I don't want to order anything I've just got a tip for you' (cos she's a waitress, like - it's FUNNY) and she says, 'it better be the tip of your dick', Ah chortle! Who doesn't enjoy a bit of knob chat ;-)


Abbie said...

Drew certainly looks amazing in this photo, can't say the same for the actual dress though! :)

Oh and, you can't beat a little bit of crude humour! :D

Little Scribbler said...

tee, hee!

donna said...

i loved that film! drew is amazers!