21 September 2010

Er,Dem-olishing the competition!

All I'm hearing about right now on Twitter and on my emails is London Fashion Week. And being up in Scotland and NOT in London, this is giving me serious fashion envy. I love a good fashion show and, well, these shows are the proverbial daddies, aren't they?! As you may have figured from my usual chat, I don't profess to be a fashion expert but I know what I like. And, at the risk of sounding like a cliche (again) I LOVED what was on display at Erdem.

Erdem Moralioglu is, in my eyes, a genius. Every season I spy something in there that, was I a rich lady, I would be laying my pretty little hands on! And this season is no exception. Delicate lace, bases of pale lemon, cream and navy, brought to life with vivid florals - it's pure heaven to me. Believe me when I say I spent ages trying to whittle down 5 looks that I loved but, dear, reader, for you, I have. Anything for you! So here are some of my favourites. However, please note that, if you wish to buy me another piece from the collection, I shall not object.

After years of not getting down with the maxi, last summer I jumped in with a purdy H&M number. This Erdem piece, for me, has just the right proportion (nice waist then fuller on the skirt) and the v neck with transparent insert is just treading the right line between subtle and suggestive. Whack on a pretty smattering of flowers, culminating with a veritable garden at the hem and you got yourself one gorgeous dress.

I can't do fancy trousers. I'm a pear shape and I just can't. If you'd like to try to style me up and prove me wrong, let me know but, otherwise, please just accept that I look like a troll in them. However, it doesn't stop me loving this pair. I imagine that they feel gorgeous and, style wise, I LOVE the pairing of the ditsy floral with the larger sheer lily print blouse (again, perfect balance of sexy and demure). Clash, clash, clash!

Well this dress is just pretty and fun. Flirty and flippy with a flattering and cute mid length sleeve, it just says young and fun to me. I can't tell what the print is (dude, you try - I have 20/20 vision and it's just too wee) but it's got jelly beans and shiny pebbles in my head!

Oh, I love this. Ladylike pixie! The delicate cream lace collar stands out from the navy lace sleeves of the shirt (well it looks like a shirt underneath. Feel free to correct me if you know better, smarty!) and both work beautifully with the dark navy fit 'n' flare dress. The plain dark colour palette then allows the bold florals to really pop! Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?!

Aw, and finally, this little lemon dress is the natural shift from a/w 10's ladylike trend and lower hemlines, with it's skater skirt and girlie colouring. Once again, the plain background lets the flowers become the main focus. This is dress perfection!
I love you Erdem.

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