27 March 2011

The best jumper dress EVER! And some naughty spending.

I started this year yapping about how I needed to cut back on spending. I am not doing a very good job of it. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm a slave to store or credit cards (I'm no-one's fool and I won't be paying interest to some giant corporation when I could be spending that money on more shoes. That's just bad maths!), it's just that, sometimes if I see something nice, I can't resist! Sometimes I am sensible. Case in point, this dress:

Dress: H&M £29.99
It's a wee H&M number and pictures can't do justice to how pretty it looks on. It's boned in the top and whittles my waist to a tiny nothing then kicks over my hips and thighs. It's like the ultimate disguise - who needs fugly shapewear, right? Amazing flattery in an item is one of my sure fire deal makers when it comes to buying things I shouldn't. Plus, the sweetheart neckline is so very 50's lady on holiday at some chic seaside resort - I can't help wanting to wear very bright lipstick, big shades and, perhaps, a glamorous head scarf or neckerchief when I put it on. 

Anyway, to the spending. I tried the dress on and it fit beautifully etc but I decided that I couldn't afford it and put it back, intending to come back for her on payday. Now, truth be told, I didn't quite make it to payday. The reason I jumped in early and drained the bottom of my bank account was because I got a cheeky wee email with a 25% off code, so it seemed rude not to go for it. Shopping sucker or chiconomics?

Today I found myself in H&M (yet again - I'm such an H&M freak. It's kind of embarrassing.). In my defence, it was on a shopping trip initiated by Mr Scribbler. So, technically, I was just along for the ride. And, yet I got sucked into sly shopping again. Using bills money if you're paying it back next week's OK, right? This time, it was two over sized and slightly garish shirts. One in a black and white leopard print (we know how I feel about leopard print) and one in a pastel-y floral. I'm thinking Miami Vice meets Morrissey, meets girl with these babies. I'm also still deciding whether they're keepers or whether I should head back to the shop, tail  (I actually have a tail - like the dude in Shallow Hal. I don't really.) between legs to return them. Miami Vice meets Morrissey, meets girl is just so darn appealing though...

Shirts £7.99 H&M
So that's money in account wrung as tightly as it'll go because of a discount code and bills money pilfered to work a bad 80's/pop fopp look. My next fly shopping fuelling device is........Paypal. I sell a bit of this and that on eBay and then, because Paypal money isn't in my bank account, it doesn't feel like real money and, boom, before you know it, I'm getting spend happy! Again. This time Paypal came in handy for stocking up on Lush essentials online (normally I'd pop to their shops bit I needed some stuff from their retro section which is online only):

They even popped in a free pot of creamed almond and coconut smoothie. How nice!

So far, so 'stocking up on essentials' via Paypal. The, 'all thoughts of reason flying out the window' moment came when I saw this. The 'BEST JUMPER DRESS EVER' of 'title of this blog post' fame:

Dress: Tarquin and Petunia vintage, boots: Schuh, belt: French Connection.
If this was the 80s, I'd be the coolest kid at school, at the roller disco or down at the ice cream parlour, with my shiny, bejewelled, metallic, leopard adorned confection. No joke. This purchase was one of those "shit, if I don't buy this now, some other punk's gonna snap it up and I shall spend the next 3 week ruing what could have been". I came across it when awesome Grace of Britain's-Next-Top-Model-judging fame tweeted to say her new favourite online vintage shop was a joint called Tarquin and Petunia. Finding Grace to be awesome (though, frankly you should have got that from 'Awesome Grace'), I decided it was worth sticking my nose in, figuring it would probably be loaded with well expensive designer vintage and, thus thinking I DIDN'T EVEN STAND A CHANCE OF BEING ABLE TO SHOP. I am aware of my means and while I may idly browse gorgeous designer stuff from time to time, I know that my budget doesn't stretch there. However, this shop was not rammed with designer items or waaaaay over inflated 'vintage' tat you swear you saw recently in Primark. No, their prices were (whisper it) affordable. And their selection tiny but well formed and containing the above piece of leopard embellished joy. So, thank the baby J for Paypal money! And slap my wrist.

Going forward, I do intend to try to be more frugal and less consumerist. I really do. I may fail, but I really will try.

It's amazing!
I'm off to eat a crumpet and think frugal thoughts. Payday is Thursday. Wish me luck.


Jessycalouise said...

Loe the vintage dress, looking very pretty :)

Please may I? said...

That H&M dress is stunning. I adore H&M and can't seem to noy buy anything if I dare to enter through there doors. My last purchase from there was a white crochet style dress.

X x

pearlslaceandruffles said...

Love the dress! It looks great :)


MyStyle said...

Hi there! The vintage jumper dress is gorgeous and love the H&M blouses too x

sallyannie☆ said...

Oops! I know what you mean by Paypal isn't real money...fellow shopaholic right here :) Love the jumper, so SHINY :D

dinoprincesschar said...

love the floral shirt and the h&m dress especially much! :)

Pearl Westwood said...

I always manage to spend all my money in the the first week then scrimp the rest of the month! Love that insane jumper you cant say no to bejewelled things!

The Brunette said...


I just came across your blog and its fab.

I love that H&M dress its stunning xx

cowbiscuits. said...

vice meets morrissey - perfect! xx

FoofandFaff said...

Ooh I was eyeing up that H&M dress the other day, decided to settle for a cardi instead, wishing I hadn't now! Love the blouses too :)

sacramento said...

My dear Llara that jumper is a dream come true. I love, love the 80s and its colourful style and sense of freedom.
You look soooooooooooo fabulous in it.
Have a grand weekend.

La Dama said...

I love all kinds of jumpers,cant wait to see u wear it.that top is amazing,leopard blouse is my fave .oh lush goodies again, a girl could never own too much Lush amor.