16 March 2011

It shoe-dn't happen to one so pretty

Nope, not a typo, just some bad shoe wordplay. You see, there was a shoe death in my closet today. Well, the suspected death was actually spotted on the path outside work and was established sat at my desk two minutes later. Let's kick off with a positive though, shall we? Here's what I wore today (AKA a little frivolity to lighten the mood):

Dress: H&M, Cardi: Primark, shoes: Red or Dead at Schuh.
And because I, like, y'know, listen to y'all and read all your comments, here's a close up shot of the dress fabric for the lovely Gem who asked what it actually was. I kind of think, if you squint and look at the picture above, it could be parrots, which would be awesome (more positivity pre shoe death delving). However, it's actually little ditsy flowers - aww! Aren't they pretty?

At this point, I don't think the shoe death discussion can be delayed any longer. The shoes in question are these dreamy (in my star crossed eyes) Red or Dead shoes from Schuh which were a sale purchase, albeit not a totally bargainous one. I love them for many reasons - I'm a fan of a metallic and this pale, verging on silvery gold is gorgeous and basically is a neutral, thus it goes with EVERYTHING (although with my penchant for pattern and clashing, everything goes with everything). Plus they have a perfect round toe, a big chunky heel (good for height and balance) and a belting platform. And (yes there's more. I'm in mourning, alright?) the lining is beautiful bright pink. So beautiful I haven't taken any pictures of it in case it makes you cry. They tread the perfect balance between understated and show-stopping and should have been a work and party partner for some time to come. Alas, no.

No. As I walked along the path to work this morning, Mr Scribbler (yes, we work AT THE SAME PLACE. Not just at the same place but physically in the same office. And I'm kind of noisy. Poor man) noted that my platform was coming away as I walked. Concerned by his potential man inability to correctly identify areas of a shoe, I asked if he meant the heel (they do feel a wee bit funny to walk in) but, no, he was certain the platform was the problem. And sure enough, he was right. I sat down, slipped off my shoe and this is what I uncovered:

On both feet!! Chronic bonding failure. The platform is just popping away with every step I take! And, even worse, they shoes aren't available any more. Now, I could take the superglue to them or get them re-bonded at a cobbler, but years of experience tells me that, if these babies weren't properly and sufficiently attached at the time of manufacture, there's no saving them. Any adhesive now would just be a band aid, and the platform would probably drop off at a most inopportune moment. So, tomorrow I shall return them. For now, here's some final shoe pornery...


Alex said...

Oh what a rotten thing to happen! Straight back for a refund and hopefully the shoe gods will have arranged for an ever nicer pair to find their way to you instead.

Sophie - Country girl said...

oh no, how sad. RIP shiny platforms :(

Please may I? said...

Oh no! I mourn for you. I know how this feels as shoes are my one vice. They are gorgeous too!

But as Alex says let's hope the shoe gods will shine up you and point out the next out perfect pair to replace them.

X x x

Vintage Vixen said...

What a diaster! You must be gutted. I love that muted silvery colour, it does go with everything.
Hope you get a decent replacement. xxx

Mrs Bossa said...

How awful! Both my heels broke off once, but I used them to threaten a man who was coming on to me. Swings and roundabouts... And I love the shoe wordplay - I'm a sucker for a good pun.

Helga! said...

Gutted! Trauma indeed.They are totally scrumptious shoes!!

dinoprincesschar said...

Boooo to the shoe death :(
I remember almost crying over the heel-breakage of my favourite ever shoes, I didn't blog about it as it was too traumatic :( I still have them under the bed, I was too scared to take them to the cobbler as i don't want to hear him say they can't be fixed. :(