24 March 2011

And so you're back!

From outer space! No not the start of a Gloria Gaynor fest (though, let's be honest, everyone loves crucifying a bit of the Gaynor on a karaoke. Who am I kidding, I'll happily murder anything on a karaoke, as evidenced by my recent Singstar episode. My friend cracked out Singstar Disney, I humphed about how it would be crap and I wouldn't know any of it. Five minutes later I'm wrestling the mic off anyone in my way and merrily wailing along to Walt's finest.), more a celebration of my return to blogging/blog reading after a hiatus. Of just over a week. It feels like ages though! Work is CRAZY right now (the company I work for turns 30 this year and we're organising lots of stuff to celebrate and it is keeping me SUPER busy. Sometimes my head's so far up my behind I'm afraid it might somehow come back out my mouth again.) and the last thing I want to do when I get home is switch on the computer. Plus, I've been totally being good at gym classing/swimming which has been eating my evenings.

Anyhoo, I am back and presenting, for your delection/indifference shoes #55 in my shoe wearing challenge, my shiny new Converse trainers.

They were a total BARGAIN off Branch309 (I've told you about them before - totes check 'em out!) and cost a mere £12! My old Cons - the classic white Ox - gave up their final ghost quite some time ago but I've been sort of living in denial and still have them (they're famous too so I'm loathe to get shot. These are my actual shoes in these articles!). The fabric is thread bear, the inside is held together with plasters and there are holes in the soles. Who woulda thunk it from one whose shoes are usually so lovely!? I'm actually thinking of doing a post on shoe death as I've had a few this year. It's traumatic, alright?

The red lining will stain white socks a bugger!
Anyway, I begrudge buying a new pair of white Oxes, partly because I love the old ones and I hate the breaking in process - both because they usually take a bit of breaking both comfort and looks wise - and partly because, working in shoes, I know that they're one of the bestselling shoes out there and, well, it's just a bit dull, isn't it. I guess dems the breaks with a classic, innit? Anyhoo, I figured 12 quid for this little starry pair in nice plain nautical primary colours wasn't a bad job and bingo, bango, they joined the shoe closet.

trainers: Converse @ Branch309 £12, dress: Matalan £14, cardi: Sainsbury's from local charity shop £3, necklace: Lady Luck Rules OK (bought ages ago)
Does anyone else think I look the tiniest bit like Jack Nicholson here? Heeeeeeeere's Llara! I thought I'd embrace the Americana of the trainers and wear them with frilly socks and a little dress. Why not, eh? I picked up the dress at the weekend on my first trip to Matalan in ages! It's cute (pretty flowers and a Peter Pan collar) and was fairly bargainous. Winner!

Lookee! Isn't the necklace adorable. I think I picked it up in a LLROK web clearance where you got £100 worth of stuff for £25. I was an actual fool for those things and ended up with all kinds of tat and duplicates as a result!

Anyway, here lie-eth my resolution to be well more regular on this baby so, with any luck, I'll see you soon!

I'm off to watch Coco before Chanel. Ooh, la la!


Vintage Vixen said...

Welcome back! Good scores! I used to live in Chucks at one time but post-hip op I find them far too flat and very painful in walk in as there is no inner support.
Enjoy the film. xxx
PS Leicester is a fantastic place, I haven't been in ages but a couple of my mates have. I'll ask them for tips when I see them on saturday.

Please may I? said...

Love converse. Think I may have forgotten to count them when I counted up my shoes the other day. (don't tell hubby!)

Welcome back it's great to have you back.

X x

Sophie - Country girl said...

I love trainers/dresses combo. I need to get some more trainers in my life. I used to live in Vans, they last so well but my feet looked huge!

Alex said...

Your company keeps tempting me with lovely emails! It's most unfair, I have no money. Although I'm not much tempted by some of the new IC's. Have you seen the grocky new ones with the bizarre wooden heel and ball of foot stack things?

Love the new Converse.

Helga! said...

Those starry chicks are fab!!!
Jack Nicolson?! Nah....not at all!!! Maybe if you squinted and tried to look more loony?!
Sweet frock!

Helga! said...

bloody hell,I meant CHUCKS,not chicks.It's one of those...........x

dinoprincesschar said...

love the converse. i had a lovely pair of pink and brown cow (?) print ones but they got nicked from my locker at the gym :( i think i need to invest in some more!

Pearl Westwood said...

The star print is very cool, I haven't had a pair of converse for years makes me fell all nostalgic!

cowbiscuits. said...

hiya! love these shoes.

Yeah i dye my own hair, my natural hair colour is a dark blonde but ive been pretty much dying my hair since i was 11! xx

Maria said...

I have never really been a fan of trainers (sorry!) much more a dresses and pretty flats kinda girl :) These are pretty though :D Thank you for your lovely comment too, really made me smile :)

Maria xxx

sacramento said...

Thank you so much for your comment, it has given me the chance to find you, your blog and your love for shoes.
I am following you now.
Have a great weekend.

sacramento said...

I am also adding you to my blogroll.
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Love your dress, too.

Paper Heart Girl said...

That necklace is so cool! I will be checking out their online store now.. thanks for the tip! xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW. Amazing shoes, love them :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so lovely. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

La Dama said...

Those chucks are wonder woman worthy.
love your cute collar dress,jack nicholson, no you crazy.