10 March 2011

You heard it here first. I freaking hate this picture. Hence it being a small one. Seriously, I am considering never wearing this dress or those tights again. And I look like death, only ever so slightly warmed up. Don't go thinking I'm being a fishing-for-compliments dickhead - I truly hate it! It's OK though because it make me chuckle a bit. The face I'm pulling almost says "lordy this picture's gonna be shit isn't it?". Anyway, in the interest of honesty and proof of shoe wearing for my shoe wearing challenge, here it is!!

Now there have been times in the past where I've worn a pair of shoes then decided my outfit was shit and not photographed them until the next time they were worn. However, I just plain can't make my mind up about these shoes so they had to be photographed with this ensemble. They're by a fella called Enzo Angiolini (well, I choose to think he's a dude anyway) and I bought them from Solestruck, an American website. They're pair # 54 in my shoe wearing challenge. And I am not ashamed to say I only bought them to get free shipping on my Senso boots! Uh-huh! They had a 'spend $xx and get free shipping' dealio. I had another $40 to spend to get free shipping or else it was going to cost $30. They way I see that is that I only had to spend another $10 on shoes. When it comes to shoe maths, the more pairs the better for me, so I was sucked right in and picked up these for about $30 and a pair of flip flops (who doesn't need flip flops - I freaking love them come summer. Mind you, my feet leave little to be desired right now) for about $10 - BINGO!  Free Shipping. Sort of.

So let's talk, in brief, about what I dis/like about them. I like:

The cheerful colour
The patent finish
The peep toe
The slight platform

I dislike:

The faux wood slightly two tone heel
I'm not convinced by the buckle.

I think they need another chance bare foot, come summer, with some nice bright nail polish. Time for a pedicure...


La Dama said...

you look cute, what are you talking about?
maybe you will feel better about them cuties when it warms up a little more.

Sophie said...

love those yellow sandals, I quite like the faux wood! Now following you, check out my blog too :)

Please may I? said...

I think they look sweet and should be lovely in the summer. Not too sure with tights though.

X x

Vintage Vixen said...

What ARE you talking about? You look gorgeous, as always!
Love those yellow shoes so much. They are going to rock the ankle sock combo come the warmer months. xxx
PS I had a pair of electric blue pixie boots from Schuh when it first opened in Birmingham 30 years ago. If I find an old photo of me wearing them I'll let you know.

dinoprincesschar said...

i really like that dress !!
and the shoes are a fab colour, i do shoe maths as well! :)

Hooked on Shoes said...

I love the shoes! (well, I'd love any yellow shoe to be perfectly honest :p) Don't worry about the picture, you look fine!

Alex said...

They're great! If I'm ever feeling slightly iffy about the heel of a shoe then I overrule myself - you hardly ever see them when you've got them on and everyone else will be too busy looking at the actual shoe part to even care whether they're slightly two-tone of not.

Henar said...

Aaw, this is beautiful !
I love it ! ♥


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