3 March 2011

In these shoes? I doubt you'd survive...

Let's make love on a mountain top! No, I'm not propositioning you - it's also a line from the song (In these shoes by the late Kirsty MacColl) . That song makes me chuckle. And it's SO appropriate because there's bugger all I can do in these shoes. They're SO high, I can barely walk in them and they're pretty much guaranteed to turn my feet completely numb. Add to that the fact that they're nigh on impossible to get on, even with a shoe horn. They're the perfect little madam. But they're soooooooooooooo pretty!

Right? Look at that platform, the beautiful almond shaped toe, The vibrant colour, the sturdy yet gorgeous heel and the glorious hairy upper! *she weeps a little*

No joke though, they were an utter beatch to get into. I'm talking 5 solid minutes (they're supposed to be a slip on), one shoe horn, two pairs of socks and a sweaty wrestling match. I started with pink socks (you couldn't see them most of the time) but I could not get the left foot on. I switched to trying the right foot which I eventually beat - one shoe on - yesss! Buoyed by that success, I set about the left foot again, brandishing my shoe horn like the vicious weapon I thought it was. Uh-uh - the boot merely laughed at me. All I could do was switch the sock for a thin slidy pop sock and, after much ramming, wriggling, jabbing and stomping, the boot finally went on. Phew! If you look closely here, you can definitely see the odd socks.

Dress and leggings: Uniqlo, Cardi: Topshop, Boots: Senso at Solestruck

I figured the boots were so show stopping in there own right that they needed to go with a simple outfit. Comments the day I wore them included, "fuck me" (er, no thanks pal), "wow, they're visible" and general "wow, they're amazing"'s and "you're tall"'s. Well, put a slightly above average height girl in a pair of giant heels and whaddya expect?

See me rock ma fearsome jewels. Well as fearsome as a cameo and some roses can be. Er...

Cameo ring: Primark, middle ring: gift from Mr S, Flower ring: Accessorize
Necklace: Primark
Are you wondering how I've managed to get this far without mentioning the sheer leopard print-y-ness of the boots. I am.

They're pair #53 in my shoe wearing challenge and they're from US website Solestruck, by a brand called Senso.


La Dama said...

pink leopard..Your too cute.
I would of worn them and brought back up shoes to work..simply to show them babies off and to take pictures.
I adore cameos and shopping for trinkets in Primark.

Please may I? said...

They are show stopping!!

Think I migh spend more time on my butt that on my feet though!

Love them.

X x

MyStyle said...

Hi there-they are fabulous indeed, really perfect for putting colour into your winter outfits! x

Hooked on Shoes said...

Oh, I have these as well, but I can't really understand how people find them that difficult to get on. I bought them a size up, because people advised me to (because of the wrestling issue), but I really shouldn't have. Besides that, I love them to death and also prefer pairing them with a rather simple outfit usually. :)

Alex said...

They are so very, very pink! And so very leopardy. Two things I really dislike, yet somehow I totally love them. What's that all about?

dinoprincesschar said...

They are rather lovely, and very striking with a relatively simple outfit - i like!

Pearl Westwood said...

They are gorgeous, but no way could I ever be bothered wrestling a pair of boots on!! Hears hoping they will give for you!