7 March 2011

A vintage fair and some free stuff!

Today (it's Saturday right now though I probably won't post this til Monday or summat. Spreading them out, innit?) was the day Judy's affordable vintage fair came to town.

 Yay! The Affordable Vintage fair is a travelling, er, vintage fair that tours the land bringing affordable vintage (really, am I just stating the ever so obvious a lot here? Don't think I think you're stupid, please. I don't.) to towns and cities near YOU. (I don't know where you live). As a result, it'll probably appear on blogs-a-plenty over the next few weeks and, on account of forgetting my camera again AND on account of the fact that folk with far better cameras than mine will no doubt be bringing you it in glorious technicolour, I figured I'd just tell you a wee bit about it and show you my goodies. That is my wont.
The first dress I looked at was a beautiful full prom dress. Black with gold, almost paint, effect and little pink and blue flowers. However, a flip of the price tag revealed it to be £250. £250! Maybe if you're Posh Spice that counts as affordable but, in my little real world, that's 'buy nothing else ALL month and let the bills go unpaid' territory. Sheesh! Needless to say, I stepped the heck away from it.

And that's kind of how the fair goes - there's plenty that is affordable (sub £35ish - even then, a piece or two is my absolute max) and there are some out and out bargains, but there's also a reasonable amount that doesn't fall under affordable at all. The good thing is that there's SO much stuff and whatever your budget, you should be able to pick up some goodies. I was particularly pleased to see local vintage store (that I don't visit often enough!) Godiva in attendance (though I don't think the lovely girl was glad to see me as I bought a dress she had her eye on from the next stall!) and really happy to see From Vintage to Vogue there too. I picked up some lovely dresses from them last time (Lynda sells vintage as well as making vintage reproductions) but then couldn't remember the company name and couldn't find anything on Google either so I'm glad to be able credit her properly this time. Lynda told me she still doesn't have an online store but she does have a website and comments on her dresses have got her thinking about selling them online or to boutiques so keep your eyes peeled. Anyway, this time I picked up a wee 60's dress from her for a very reasonable £15.

It's hard to tell from the picture but it does have a very gently full skirt and nice waist. The square-ish neckline that I was dubious about is actually really flattering too!

And, if you look closely at this one, you can see the massive bow that's on the back! I LOVE the bold colorful floral print of this dress. I believe it shall be coming to my cousin's wedding with me at the end of the month.

My next find was this adorable little picture for £2. Bargain!

And look: there's a message on the back! The stall holder told me that Joanne is her friend. Sad that she got rid of the picture but I'm very happy to have it!

And this lot quite clearly isn't vintage! No, no! Lucky me got a package from the postie containing all this free goodness from Lush! Not one, not two, but NINE (I could've kept counting but we'd have been here a while and, what with my tendency to ramble, you'd have been asleep on your keyboard. If you aren't already. Hello!) perfumes! NINE! I'm sniffing Tuca Tuca (very violet-y) on my wrist just now. There was also some of the new Dirty range, including a shower gel, hair gel (used it this morning!), shaving cream and tooth tabs (??? I think they're basically mints but am a bit afraid to taste them!), PLUS a solid hand cream and a colour supplement for pale people. That'll be me then. I'm one of those nearly blue Scottish people.

If it's nice tomorrow (that being Sunday as I type), I think I'm going to get my bike out in preparation for my sponsored bike ride in September.

How was your weekend? Do tell!


Jessycalouise said...

I love things from Lush and that picture is so cute <3


La Dama said...

I always wanted to go one of those ,but afraid of the prices ,so used to boot sale.charity,jumbo sale steals.
that flowery dress is darling and that painting is so cute and quite a bargain.
congrats,love the Lush products. how did you them free?

Vintage Coconut said...

I love the dress and picture!
I get sad when I find old stuff with messages in them. And the one thing that bugs me most in when people donate pictures of their family to second hand stores. I always just want to buy the things so they don't sit there months and months. (maybe I am weird.. I dunno)

Please may I? said...

That dress will be a knockout at your cousins wedding. The colours are stunnng.

Nice little character to the picture.

As for the lush package! Well you are a lucky soul.

X x

Alex said...

Oh my god, free Lush stuff??!! You lucky, lucky woman!

That dress is absolutely beautiful - bet you look stunning in it.

I think the slightly cheaper option when it comes to vintage fairs is to keep an eye out for the vintage kilo fairs - same principle but you pay by weight, so a bag full of nice cotton dresses should be fairly cheap!

Vintage Vixen said...

That dress is killer, it will look amazing on you and at £15? You couldn't get a bit of mediocre Primarni tat for that price.
Much as I love vintage fairs the thrill for me is finding bona fide vintage at car boots, chazzas and jumbles. xxx

dinoprincesschar said...

That dress is amazin,g, and what a bargain! Can't wait to see it on the blog!
I'm not sure I have ever seen a vintage fair advertised near me ;(

Helga! said...

Hahahaha,you and your camera!!!
Um,250 quid certainly ain't affordable!!! Bloody hell.The frock you scored is a sweetie! We need to see you in it,darl!
I haven't been to a vintage fair in ages.I don't think there's gonna be one for a while...

Alexandra said...

Your blog is so cute, that picture is such a bargin. Im jealous!!!!
Cant wait to see more of your blog, im a new follower : )