2 April 2011

Fame and Fingernails

Fingernails or fame? Where would you like to start? Let's go with the fingernails.

I never have the time or inclination to do anything fancy with my fingernails. And, if I do, I inevitably ended up trotting about with chipped nails for a good three weeks or so afterwards. I'm just not a delightfully well turned out and and manicured sort of person. I prefer to think of myself as charmingly ramshackle instead. However, this week I decided to try a tip I saw on Gem's blog that looked foolproof enough even for someone as cack handed as me and simply involves taping your nails to create a neat pattern. Nice. Here's how it went:

Grey matte nail polish by Avon. Blurry photography by me.
This is not, as suggested by Gem, Scotch Tape, but the cheapo £1-for-4-rolls-at-the-cashdesk-in-Primark tape. Use it and end up with glue splotches on your nails. Let's say it creates texture.

Et voila! Dark Green nail polish by Illamasqua. I got it free with a magazine subscription and now have it solidly on my nails.
It doesn't look too bad, does it? Thanks for the idea Gem! It looked awful a day later because the matte polish chips horribly and you can't use a top coat on it or it turns it shiny. Bummer. Still, for a day, I felt all fancy and whatnot.

So that was fingernails - what of fame?

Look - it's me! I'm in the List magazine. It's a local (well, it was a local Edinburgh and Glasgow guide but I believe it's now down in the North East of England too) magazine that has all the music/club/art/gig/food/theatre guides and reviews etc. It has a bunch of other articles and interviews etc too and also has flat share and dating sections and a creative jobs area. Within Creative Jobs, they have a regular 'How did you get that job?' article. And this month, they featured lil' old me - hee, hee! Enjoy. If you can make out the words!

Time to go get ready for the gym. I'm hitting up a Bodycombat/Zumba doubler today. I. AM. HARDCORE.


sacramento said...

Your nails really look good. I know they never last long, heheheh
Congratulations, you are famous, now hehehe.
Enjoy your weekend, llara.

Please may I? said...

Your nails look fab! Well done. Mine always chips too!

Fancy being famous! Great photo Hun.

X x

Sophie - Country girl said...

congrats on your new found fame! Cute nails too, I've never had the patience to do any creative nail experiments.

Rosie said...

ahh congratulations! :D
love the nails - is that matte underneath?

Rosie xo

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love the gray striped nails! so chic and parisian!


Llara is the Little Scribbler said...
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Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Rosie, it is matte yes!

Becca. said...

fab nails! and thankyou i love wearing shorts haha, and yes brogues are really fab shoes! i'm loving wearing my white ones now :)

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

La Dama said...

congrats amor!
I love that nail design idea,your polish is so pretty matte,you have great nails,take advantage doll.

threesmallapples said...

The nails look fab, what a good idea! I lack patience though, and am always doing 3 things at once, so I ruin my nails before I've finished them most of the time.

And good work on List mag! :)


Abbie said...

Wahay! You're famous! That's awesome :)

Also, just to let you know, I've tagged you in my Kreativ Blogger Award post! :D


katieafox said...

Had a good chuckle at this as I'm the same! Especially the bit about the rare occurrence of doing your nails then leaving them for ages to chip! I'm worse with my toenails, after my holiday in summer last year I literally kept the same polish on til it had completely flaked off- shameful! least it saves on nailpoilsh remover...

Well done on the article :) x