10 April 2011

Kreative Blogger Award. Kreative spelling more like...

I must be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the Kreative Blogger award is all about! However, when Abbie tagged me with one, I figured it would be a fun thing to do and a good way of discovering and recommending great blogs. Plus, no-one's ever tagged me with anything or given me a blog award so I must admit I was dead flattered and a wee bit excited!

So, apparently the shizzle with this thing is that you share ten facts about yourself (buckle up and settle down folks) and then tag 10 bloggers you want to pass the award onto. Here goes...

1. I won a karaoke competition at T in the Park. I LOVE karaoke. LOVE it. I can’t sing to save myself (truly, I’m pretty awful) but I make up for it in sheer volume and enthusiasm. In case you’re interested, I sang the Arctic Monkeys ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ for the first round (you got RANDOMLY allocated a song – how cruel!) and my prize at the end was a thermo-cup full of Cadbury’s Roses – winner!

This is actually me karaoke-ing at my birthday party. They don't sing Whitters at "T".
2. I HATE cheese but used to work on a cheese counter. I already hated it before I started working there. No joke – even thinking about it for too long makes me gag a bit. And no, I don’t want to try a pizza with cheese on or a little bit of something mild. Cheese = NO! Weirdly, I liked it as a little kid and no-one remembers when I stopped liking it. I think I must have suffered some kind of suppressed cheese trauma.

Pure gies me the boke.
3. I’ve done a marathon. The Moonwalk. It’s a sponsored marathon walk that starts at midnight so, as if a marathon isn’t bad enough, your body clock is, pardon my language, completely fucked too. It was SO hard but I’m super proud I did it.

Me (in the middle) and my marathon beatches at 13 miles and sun rise.
4. I’m obsessed with leopard print. I can’t even explain why, but dresses, shoes, cardigans, bags, accessories, whatever – I don’t care, just make me a version in leopard print. Bet Lynch was SO onto a good thing.
Not slutty, frumpy or tacky - just awesome.
5. I danced with Rudolph Nureyev. He’s a, like, well famous male ballerina of yester-year. That’s right folks, as a young ‘un, I lived the dream and was a tiny dancer. *Breaks off for an Elton John-tastic rendition of tiny dancer*. A ballerina. And I was fortunate enough to share the stage with Nureyev (in Coppelia) before his death, aged only 54. My own ballet career died a death when I was 11 when I finally convinced my parents to stop sending me for lessons – I didn’t really have an aspirations towards being a dancer and my impending pear shape would certainly have bashed it on the head as an option in the year or two following anyway.
Left: Me in my Coppelia costume. Right: Nureyev being an amazing dancer.
6. I didn’t go to university. I never knew what I wanted to do (and am still fumbling somewhat blindly) and, although I was intelligent and did well at school when I applied myself (yes, I was one of those – “needs to talk less and work more” kids), I didn’t see the point in going to uni for the sake of it. A decision affirmed over the following couple of years when I saw more and more people drop out of or mess up degrees they hated or just didn’t care about. Don’t get me wrong, I think uni is AWESOME when the opportunity is grasped and appreciated and it’s done for the right reasons. Sometimes I wish I’d gone and done something and then got some swanky job. Other times I remember that I’ve had good times and I’m in an awesome job that I got over some great graduates anyway. Whatever works for you, non?
 There's no picture to go with this.

7. I’m a total 90s indie chick. Blur, Oasis, The Charlatans, Shed Seven, Ocean Colour Scene, Supergrass, Suede, Ash. I could go on. Those were the glory days…
Damon Albarn - swoon!
8. I’m an old married one. It’s not something I define myself by – it’s just one thing I happen to be. I wore (what some people might think were) silly shoes and a silly necklace on my wedding day, we wrote our own vows, we were as chilled as we could be about the whole thing and we walked along the road to the hotel afterwards in our wedding finery and had the best day. Since then it’s been pretty decent too. And that's the important thing.

9. I’m a sucker for a sunset. I really am. I always come back from warm holidays with reams and reams (well I would if they weren’t on a digital camera and if photos were printed in reams. I have digital reams) of sunset pictures. There’s just something about the amazing and ever changing colour combinations burning pink, red, yellow and orange, and cooled with blue, purple, lilac and inky black that entrances me. I find sunsets so joyful and so peaceful. I’m almost never happier than sat on a beach at sunset, ideally with a refreshing cocktail in hand.
"Get me back to shore! That married, indie loving, marathon walking, leopard print loving, cheese hating girl's drinking my cocktail!"

10. I was born on Friday the 13th. Spooky.

I'll drop y'all a little line - many apologies in advance if you've already done this or don't fancy it. At least you bagged a wee mention though, eh? Means I think you're fabulouso!


sacramento said...

So good to get to know all these things about you is most interesting, llara.
I didi it myself a while ago.
I shall sheck all your blog list.

♥Music Fashion Clutter ♥ said...

Love Love Loved this post!!!

High 5 to 90's indie! Suede should do a come back gig to Edinburgh!!!

Love your wedding dress you look fab!

Well done on the award

Joanne xx

Abbie said...

Loving your random selection of facts! How lovely is your wedding photo! The necklace is brilliant :)

Vicki said...

great post my dear! i never knew you were married. :) ps im the oppisite i love cheese! x

A Cuppa Jo said...

Your wedding shoes are amazing and I totally understand the uni thing. I went because my mum expected it but dropped out after one semester. It just wasn't for me and it was the best decision I made, I should never have gone. I can't believe you don't like cheese! I could eat a block of it lol

*indie_queen* said...

Thanks so much for the award! I love the shoes you got married in :D and you have the coolest taste in music

Misfits Vintage said...

Thank you gorgeous!

I don't even know what this line means "Pure gies me the boke" but I love it! How fascinating that you hate cheese. I also ADORE leopard print and karaoke and I love your wedding shoes and necklace.

You're such a sweetie!

sarah xxx

Helga! said...

O,my,I'm so touched by the lovely things about yourself that you have shared!What a sweetie you are! I too,adore your wedding shoes,but am sad that you don't like cheese-these things cannot be helped!
Thank you sooo much for tagging me,I shall work on this tnoght/tomorrow!!!
O,I was born on Friday the 13th too!!!!!

Penny Dreadful said...

I'm a karaoke fan too, but have trouble finding anyone who will do it with me! I love your wedding necklace and shoes, if I ever get married I'd love to keep it just as low key and fun as that xx

Hooked on Shoes said...

I just love the idea of your (not so) silly wedding shoes with a more traditional floorlength white gown. I love little quirky touches like that. :)

sallyannie☆ said...

Oh! How can you hate cheese? :( I almost feel sad about this but don't worry, more for me...

I think I've done this! I'm not even sure...I will probably do it anyway, since I love talking about myself...haha :(

FoofandFaff said...

Ooh thanks tons for the award! LOVE your wedding shoes, they're not silly at all, think as long as you have the white dress you can accessorize how you please! :)

Clair said...

Who doesn't like cheese! No goats cheese? No feta? Seriously - just no cheese?

Love the wedding necklace! Want to see more wedding photos!!

Nicola said...

Thank you for choo-choo-choosing me! (Will I ever grow out of Simpsons jokes...?) I did the Versatile Blogger Award thing not so long ago which involved thinking up 7 facts about myself which was hard enough, I can't think of another 10 on top of that!

Seriously lovely wedding shoes.

dinoprincesschar said...

i love those office heart shoes, but have never got around to wearing them yet - oh the shame!
thank you very much for the tag, i am desperately trying to think of anything remotely interestign :) xx

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Holy shit woman, I'm not stalking you, I promise, but honestly two things: 1) WHO DOES NOT LIKE CHEESE? Are you an alien? Cheese is the reason to live. 2) I want those leopard print chukka boot things. I want them so bad it hurts. I used to have some kick ass leopard brother creepers back in the day but they're long gone. Sigh.