23 April 2011

Warning! This post looks like a load of crap eBay listings...

I'm not joking. It is literally just pictures of clothes on my bed. You could come to my house on any given day and see a sight like this because I am messy. That's right, I am a messy bugger. I leave crap lying about everywhere (a bare surface is just an un-utilised storage space for me) and, especially leave clothes lying about on the bed. I tidy them all away before I sleep in it.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to afford you a sneak peek into my slovenly shame but, instead, to shamelessly flaunt some bargains in yo' face. In yo' face!

Did any of you happen to catch the American Apparel April Fool's sale? I did, courtesy of a sharing kinda colleague who sent me the email. They claimed they were giving away a bunch of free shit and, initially, I assumed it was, as they stated, an April Fool. Heck, even the code to enter at checkout was april1st or aprilfool (I can't remember which. Who honestly cares? Point is, it felt like they were messing with me!). The dealio was that if you spent over a tenner, you could claim up to 5 selected things free by entering aforementioned code of fool-tastic-ness at checkout. Seemed like a swizz to get me on site and browsing but I was off work and most likely sitting about scratching my behind so it seemed like a fair waste of time. Plus, I knew I wasn't gonna fork out a load of money on site for two reasons. One - I had no money. Two - AA stuff is OK but, for the prices they ordinarily charge, the quality can be questionable. I applaud the fact that they're sweat shop free but if the quality is guff, the fashion maths don't add up. Anyway, as luck would have it, the offer was NOT a swizz and they had some ridic sale items on site too. Here's what I bagged for a tenner (yup, ten pounds* - you'll understand my use of bold as you scroll down and absorb the size of the bounty) plus four quid postage.

A gold lame braided belt. FREE. I can't decide whether to belt something with this, wind it round my head in the style of either a hippy or 'boho babe' or to just style it with a smoking jacket and velvet slippers and become a pimp.
5 baseball tops! £1.50 each. I'm well on my way to starting a team!
2 boring t-shirts for the gym. FREE. They're handy to have now that I genuinely go to the gym heaps. 5 classes and a swim steam/sauna so far this week - FACT!
a bikini top that barely covers the nips. FREE! No doubt if I keep this gym habit up my boobs will wilt away to nothing. Then I'll be glad of this baby. Or maybe I'll just find my inner beach ho style this summer.
A denim braided belt. FREE. This one does not have the same big pimpin' style as the other but I'm sure I'll find a use for it...
A black jersey skirt/dress. £2.60. As a high waisted skirt it's loose on the waist, tight on the hips and a weird length. Pulled up as a dress it skims nicely and is just the right length. Banging.

That's all folks!

*For the mathematically pernickity among you, yes the grand total was actually £10.10.


Sophie - Country girl said...

What a weird offer but it looks like you ended up with some good stuff!

heartshapedbruise. said...

I've seen lots of people talking about this offer - gutted I missed it! Although, I think I probably wouldn't have done it anyway, assuming it was an April Fools.. then I would've been REALLY annoyed with myself. So at least I genuinely missed out, I suppose..

I'm honestly not sure that this comment even makes any sense (yet I'm going to post it anywy) - I do apologise!


Kitty said...

what are you going to do with 5 baseball tops?? For the gym, perhaps! Lots of stuff for cheap, well done!

The Cat Hag said...

That's a super haul!!

I got that email too haha but was too lazy to trawl through the AA site for stuff to buy. ;)

The Cat Hag

FoofandFaff said...

Ooh excellent bargains, not good I missed this! Love the last skirt, gotta see it on! :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Bit of a bargain there! Loving the braided belts, I'd definately use them as headbands being the old hippy I am.
Thanks for the award, sweetie. xxx

Alex said...

Pleaaaaase wear it with a smoking jacket. I will love you for ever and ever.

Becca. said...

very interesting!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

Gem said...

total bargain!

sacramento said...

I was missing you a lot.

Pearl Westwood said...

That is such a fun thing of them to do!