8 May 2011

Sometimes, at the weekend, I dress like a bag lady

I was going for (what I knew would would be boozy) a night in at a friend's house and, post weekend gym sesh, I figured there was no point getting dolled up. So I went for my classic weekend wear - stuff that is comfy and doesn't match but isn't leisure wear and is good, each piece in its own right. Here's the bag lady evidence:

Evidence (1). Before the night in. Dress: Matalan, Cardi and overnight bag: Primark, Shoes: Mel @ Schuh, hairband: boutique in San Francisco.
Florals, stripes, butterflies and bows. Gotta love it.
Evidence (2): "Dress": Dorothy Perkins (I never wear this because, as you can see, it's far too short for me. And I can't abide a tunic type top thing with jeans - it's so frumpalicious - no offence if that's your bag.), Leggings: Uniqlo (I never wear these because, as you can see, they do NOTHING for me. I can only plead that I was mercilessly sucked in by the leopard print.), shoes and bow headband as before.
PERFECT unflattering bag lady outfit, non? Ridiculous, un-matching, ill fitting, comfortable and YET, somehow a million times better than sitting about in pjs (like I am now) or joggers. Go figure.

Am I a secret weekend bag lady? You decide.
Here's a close up of the gorgeous shoes, number 59 in my shoe wearing challenge, to make up for my bag lady assault on your eyes:

Aren't they adorable? The plastic is comfy, the colour's cute, the butterflies are pretty - winner! Plus, it's special breathable plastic so your feet don't go too stinky. Genius! They're £25 by Mel (the lil sis brand of Melissa who do the jelly type shoes for Vivienne Westwood) from Schuh.

And here's a mushroom that looks like a bum. Just cause.


heartshapedbruise. said...

Loving your bag lady style :)

I have just received that very Matalan dress in the post today!

Those shoes are rather great - & tis definitely genius that they are special non-stinky plastic - impressive..

However, not as impressive as the bum-shaped mushroom! Obviously!


Vintage Vixen said...

Your bag lady still is gorgeous. You look fantastic in that cobalt blue colour and you have the prettiest feet.
That bum mushroom would have made it to That's Life back in the 1970's. Esther Rantzen was a huge fan of rude vegetables. xxx

sacramento said...

Loving your outfit and batterflie shoes, ahhhh So lovely!!!

Sara said...

Your shoes are perfect. I'm researching the brand right now to see if I can get them here, in Romania. I'm also crazy about your two blue dresses and bag. I'll take your “bag style lady” anytime over the banal outfits I see on the streets everyday.I'm definitely gonna follow your blog!:)

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