25 May 2011

Here I am!

Yup, I've been unforgiveably absent from here yet again. I'm gonna plead the same old crap as last time - work's mad busy and I'm just not for the computer come evening! Oh, plus, in more exciting news, I am making a dress and have been concentrating on that for the last few nights. That's ripe for a post when it's finished!

Anyway, let's not focus on my absence and short comings. Let us instead rejoice that I am here! Self important? Moi? I hope you all appreciate that, at this moment, my tongue is jammed hard inside my cheek.

So to this evening's topic. Vintage skirt. It's the skirt I bought at April's flea market for a bargain four quid. Haggled down from a fiver. Yes it's only a pound but it's also 20% and it covered the cost of the picture I bought the same day. Incidentally, while I have my sewing machine out, I'm also working on the neckline of the amazing Frank Usher dress I got. Anyway here's the skirt all dressed up:

I felt with it's fullness, it had to be done slightly 50s style and I decided a 3/4 sleeve would be good with it. What do you think? I was feeling particularly brave so I went with the colour pop tights and my pretty purple Matalan platforms. Waist nipping was courtesy of a Primark belt. Ta-da!

I love this belt but it goes with bugger all so I was glad it found a garish match in this skirt!

I got the cute necklace ages ago from...Asda! In fact, this is one of my all time cheap-tastic outfits as the top was from the American Apparel sale, the shoes were a bargain too and I'm fairly sure the sunglasses are Primark!


Abbie said...

Go ASDA! Love the necklace and the skirt is a bargain, haggling is a must *resists monty python quote* I wish I had the confidence to haggle more often, if I did perhaps my purse would be a little fuller! (who am I kidding... it'd just be spent on something else!) xx

Alex said...

That skirt is gorgeous! A pound in your pocket is better than a pound in someone elses, that's what I always say. I'm intrigued by your news about the dress making too - can't wait to see it.

sacramento said...

I am so glag to see you back, Llara.
I am a skirt lover, so what can I say about your wonderful one???. I adore the way you have style it with that fab belt.

Vintage Vixen said...

Gorgeous outfit made even more fabulous with the belt. Great to see you back. xxx

Helga! said...

That's an outrageous belt!!! Does go well with that skirt,and you look waaaay foxy!

A Cuppa Jo said...

Amazing outfit, I love the skirt. The tights really finish the outfit off. Looking forward to seeing your finished dress.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your skirt is amazing! And good work on the haggling! I love a bit of a bargain (more money to waste in Starbucks...!)


Pearl Westwood said...

Great skirt well worth a haggle, the belt is fab I cant resist a bit of OTT 80s!