19 April 2011

Fuck yeah, sunshine!

Firstly, apologies to those of a sensitive nature and the easily offended. I just REALLY felt like dropping a big fat swear word in there. So I did it. Uh-huh. Look, I don't smoke, so swearing is my big, cool and clever thing to do. Plus, did you also note that I dropped the 's' bomb (sunshine people - keep up). I live in Scotland. Ordinarily, it is chilly, sometimes wet, often grey and nondescript. So, when the sun shines and it's actually warm, I drop the 'f' bomb, neds and chavs lose their tops and blind the innocent with their pasty spotty torsos and skanky chicks of all ages whip out their corn beef thighs and saggy babs and erode the innocence of the pure. (Don't get me wrong, I'm all for 'if you've got it flaunt it' and a good dose of body confidence but, if you're rough as sin, cover it up a wee bit). Evidence presented m'lud, I think you'll find my offence by far the last, well, offensive of all. Hear, hear!

So, it is the age old dilemma - what should one wear when the sun shines? A girl on the radio this morning summed it up nicely: "when the sun shines, I get out my summer wardrobe. I wear a t-shirt with my jeans instead of a jumper". Good lass. But, seriously, as one with 'big legs' and a tendency to break sweat in the heat, (you so want to meet me in real life right now, dontcha?) I find summer dressing really quite tricky and it does often consist of swapping boots and closed shoes for sandals and flip flops and losing a layer somewhere. So gawd bless the maxi dress...

Dress: H&M, Belt: Primark, Sunnies: Urban Outfitter
Here's one I picked up last year in H&M. I frigging love it. Leopard print? Yes please. Plus there's millions of fabric in it so you're afforded the ability to waft around like a veritable safari goddess. However, I didn't realise during my coveting of it that it was intended as beach wear and is completely and totally see through. A wee slip dress underneath has seen to that problem though. Because the dress isn't leopardy enough on its own, I wore leopard print sunglasses with it.

And a leopard print belt. Bite me.

No need for a necklace with bejazzling detail like this on the neck line.

And the shoes? Number 57 in the shoe wearing challenge. What could be better on a sunny day, with a cool maxi dress, than a lovely gold pair of Havaianas? I managed to curb my rabid Havaianas habit last year - I realised that people don't just say things like "there's only so many pairs of shoes you can wear" for shits and giggles. Nope, I did some Scottish weather maths, discounted the "only so many shoes you can wear" theory (you want a fight?) but realised that the sensible investment wasn't in millions of pairs of flip flops I can wear about 4 and a half days a year and I was far better investing in heels I can't walk in. Duh. Still, I am a sucker for a cute pair of Havaianas and these gold ones are as much of an every day staple in summer for me as leopard print is the year round. This is the closest you're getting to my feet right now. They don't smell (on the contrary, Lush's Vanilla Puff Power keeps them sweet enough to eat), they're just NOT summer ready yet. Look - there's another pair of Havis...

Flip flops - Havaianas @ Schuh


Sophie - Country girl said...

awesome leopard print maxi. you look fab!

Helga! said...

Fuck yeah,hurrah!
Love the frock,love leopard in any form,love sunshine...wish we had it year round!

Smeeeff said...

When did you bust this out? I think Glasgow may have missed the sunshine, or I was hungover... Love the outfit! x

Please may I? said...

Bless you.
You made me giggle like a school girl.

Love the dress, very floaty.

Would you believe in all my piles of shoes I don't have a single pair of Havaianas?!

Shocking but true. If only the shoe ban was lifted!

X x

dinoprincesschar said...

is it bad that i had never heard of those flip flops?!
i love the leopard print dress, and the detail on the neckline is great! :)

sacramento said...

Wowwwwwww sunny in Scotland!!! hehheeh. You are funny, and so beautiful in that maxi dress.
I am a girl of big legs too. I always think of them as firm trunks that keep me firm in the ground, and close to mother nature.

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Smeeeff - about 2 weeks ago - it was just miraculously warm and sunny one Sunday!

Char - yes! Kidding ;-)

Sacramento - I LOVE that way of thinking about the legs! xxx

Rai said...

What a gorgeous dress! <3

Abbie said...

Love this post, you never cease to amuse me :) the dress is lovely! Perfect for the gorgeous weather we're having! May it last!